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Find The Joy In Your Life

Posted on
“Have you found the joy in your life? Has your life brought joy to others?” These are two questions that Morgan Freeman’s character (Carter Chamber) asks Jack Nicholson (Edward Cole)…

Staying Positive In Negative Situations

Posted on
Sometimes negative events and negative people can make life feel a lot less positive.  Situations that break our heart may occur, people say the wrong things about us and about…

The Due Date That Never Came

Posted on
It’s incredible how life can change in a second.  One moment you can be completely happy and then something happens that marks our lives forever. Sometimes it will be a…

Setting Goals Today, Not In January

Posted on
With New Year’s Day around the corner many of us have  some goals in mind that we want to set as new year’s resolution.   But did you know that…

Starting Over: Not Easy but Possible

Posted on
Lately I’ve thought a lot about these two words “starting over.” When I moved to California a few months ago I thought starting over would be very easy.  I thought I’d have a…

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