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Slowing Down to Enjoy Life

Posted on
Rushed, hectic, stressed, fast-paced, out of time, tired, ineffective is how I would describe my life was for a few years. It started with a rushed morning on the way…

Living With Hope

Posted on
I may not have the perfect life or all the things in the world, but one thing I always do have is hope.  Throughout life as I have come face to…

My Daniel Fast Experience

Posted on
These past 21 days I took on a challenge the size of the Grand Canyon! Okay, that sounds exaggerated but it truly was one of the toughest challenges I’ve faced…

5 Tips for Managing Anxiety

Posted on
Worrying about the future holds us captive to days filled with unhappiness. We live in a world where we have expectations so high for ourselves that when we aren’t at…

A Medicine Overdose With a Life Lesson

Posted on
Have you ever had a scare that made you wonder how you didn’t die? A few weeks ago I accidentally overdosed on medication in the middle of the night causing…

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