Why I Won’t Shop on Thanksgiving Night

Just in case this post becomes an arguable one, let me clarify this is my personal opinion based on how it affects families.  I am not judging those who do shop on Thanksgiving night.

That being said, I think Black Friday was based on such a great idea for consumers to save money on their Christmas shopping.

But what happened that made some people including myself  turn away from “Black Friday” shopping?

I believe it’s that stores started pushing their “Black Friday” to earlier hours and interrupting Thanksgiving night.

Many families have one or more family members who work in retail, who then miss out on the celebration of this beautiful holiday.  Or sometimes families are forced to celebrate early, the day before so these members can join in.

An example would be my sister.  She is one who misses out on Thanksgiving dinner because she is stuck working for a company that prefers to make money off it’s consumers than to allow their employees to be home, celebrating with family.

Do you remember when Black Friday would start at 6am on Friday?  I do!  But then it moved to 2am, then to midnight.  When they moved their deals to 6pm Thursday, it is then it became ridiculous.

Many of the stores I like practice this and no longer care about the consumer’s family time.  This is something that looses my respect.  But what can I say, it’s all about the money for most companies.

However I applaud and respect stores that value family and holidays.  I respect their unselfishness to earn more millions of dollars.  I respect that they don’t take advantage of us who are eager to save money during the holidays.

My question is to stores who open early, why can’t they just practice Black Friday sales like before- on Friday?  Not Thursday night.  Is money really that much more important than their employees? Are they really that selfish to want more money when most already make millions?  Will they ever push Black Friday back to Friday or will keep starting earlier on Thanksgiving Day?

So what can we do to stop this Black “Friday” from happening on Thursday night?

As consumers, maybe if we stopped shopping on Thursday night, companies would understand we don’t like it.  Maybe they will someday listen and have Black Friday sales on Friday.  We have to stop being convinced and not fall into their Thursday shopping trap.  It is us, the consumer, who have to demand stores go back to their old practice.  Let’s make a change on Thanksgiving night.

Besides, some sales that happen on Black Friday can also be found online that same day.  Maybe we can shop there to avoid going to stores that night.  Or we can wait for Cyber Monday deals.

I understand that sometimes our finances will push us to search for the best deals and shopping on Thanksgiving night.  It is tempting because it allows us to save money.  As for me, I would love to save money for Christmas presents, but I rather have an annual memory with my family.  Instead, I’ll try my best to find deals similar later on or make a budget on Christmas presents and change what I am shopping for if I have to.

And because I think the savings are amazing, maybe we can look at options to take advantage of the sales on “Black Friday” and enjoy family time also.

Some ways we can do so:

1. Don’t go every year-unless it’s an item that you absolutely have to save on
2. Pick one person to go quickly with a specific item on mind.  Buy it, get back to family.
3. Call the store to see if the same item will be on sale online.
4. Wait until Cyber Monday
5.  Not the best option, but maybe your whole family can celebrate Thanksgiving early that day.
6. Don’t shop at all, until Friday morning.

My post is not because I am against Black Friday.  I am against what it became-Black Thursday.  Actually, I don’t even mind going shopping on Black Friday at all (but on Friday).

However, I’ve heard many stories of people fighting over items and trampling over each other on a day that is about giving thanks. How is this possible!?  This is definitely not my ideal way to shop on a day that is about giving thanks.

And because I know some people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving or it’s not necessarily an important holiday for your family, I’m guessing it makes Black Friday (or Thursday) shopping a much easier choice to make.  To you I say, enjoy the many sales!

To those who do celebrate, imagine how awesome it would be if we all stopped shopping Thanksgiving night.  Maybe stores would listen to us and make Black Friday on Friday once again!

Let’s make this Thanksgiving Day about family.  A day to give thanks for the time spent together.  A day to give thanks for the food on our tables.  A day to give thanks for memories that are being made.  A day to give thanks for a wonderful God who provides for our every need.  A night to teach children that making memories with family is more important than purchasing items.  A night filled with love, laughter, and joy.  Let’s do this before Thanksgiving Day disappears and turns into a two-day Black Friday deals event.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day! And if you decide to shop, stay out of trouble. 🙂 No item is worth fighting over.

Will you be shopping or staying in on Thanksgiving night? Do you take advantage of Black Friday Sales? Have you or family members missed out on Thanksgiving dinner because of Black Friday.  How many of you rather shop online? I would love to know what you guys do! Let me know.

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