Thankful Thursday #4

I accidentally never pressed the publish button when I wrote this post.  I am posting it today because it goes along with what I was feeling grateful for this year.  

November is a time when many of us get in the holiday spirit. I absolutely love this season because it means family gatherings, food, and a time of giving.

We are now on Thanksgiving day and I had decided to write what I’m thankful for every Thursday this month up until today.

Being thankful should happen every day all year-long, not just in November. But since this is a time of expressing our gratitude, here are 5 things I am thankful for:Here are my other Thankful Thursday posts: Thankful Thursday #1Thankful Thursday #2Thankful Thursday #3

 1. Health
I’m thankful for my health regardless of any diagnosis that I am given.  God is my healer and I know the desires of my heart to have children will be fulfilled by Him at the perfect time.  I  am thankful for food that helps me have better health.  Having strength and my body parts working is a blessing.

2. Challenges
Like all of us, I’ve faced many challenges througout life, especially my last three years.  I embrace every moment because I have learned many lessons.  From the ending of friendships, to every health struggle, to career difficulty, to marriage lessons, to fertility journey, to moving.  All of it has helped me have a dependence on God, even when my faith is challenged.

3. Successful Moments
Life is a blessing and to be happy is the ultimate success.  But I am thankful for a successful marriage, successful relationships, and a successful life- even if I’m not doing huge things right now.  I am grateful for the success that’s to come in my future.  When we are happy and grateful for what we have life will feel like a success.

4. Daily Journey
Enjoying every moment is what I like to live by.  It’s the smallest daily things that are sometimes the most beautiful.  I enjoy a cloudy morning, rainy day, talking to a family member or friend, a delicious meal, running into someone, or even a small flower.  Even daily setback are things I try to be thankful for because they happen for a purpose.  No matter how difficult a day can be, we need to look back at those days and smile because we made it through.  We need to also embrace the happy moments that happen because we will never re-live them again.  Every morning I wake up thankful that I am alive and have a chance to keep loving the people in my life.

5. Holidays
Every holiday has something special about it.  Most of them involve family reunions and food.  What a great combination!  My favorites are:

Thanksgiving because it’s a time to express what we are thankful for.

Christmas because giving is amazing and the meaning of this holiday is beautiful.

New Year’s Day because it’s a day to see the new year as a chance of beginnings and new resolutions.

There are many more things in my life that I am thankful for that I could keep writing about, but I wanted to mention the main ones in a general form.

Today, on Thanksgiving Day, remember that giving thanks and feeling grateful is not just about this day.  It’s about living a grateful life.  Living a life where we can wake up each morning happy for another day of life.  Grateful for the people around us, for the things we have, and for what is to come.

Hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving Day with family.  Let me know what you are most thankful for on this day.

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