Thankful Thursday #3

November is a time when many of us get in the holiday spirit. I absolutely love this season because it means family gatherings, food, and a time of giving.

With Thanksgiving Day coming up, I decided to write what I’m thankful for every Thursday this month.

Being thankful should happen every day all year-long, not just in November. But since this is a time of expressing our gratitude, here are 5 things I am thankful for:Here are my other Thankful Thursday posts: Thankful Thursday #1Thankful Thursday #2

1. Technology
Technology is at the top of my list for things I am thankful for this year.   It has allowed me to connect with friends and family on a daily basis since I moved away from them.  I enjoy seeing people’s pictures and making new friends on social media.  Connecting through messages, text, or talking on my phone is a blessing.  These last few months, technology became even more important to me when I decided to start this blog.  Not only has it allowed me to express my feelings, but it has allowed me to connect with people who have faced situations I have.  For them to tell me my post impacted or inspired them is a blessing itself.

2. Books/Magazines/Movies
What a great way to have a small escape into a story and  to learn new things. Books, magazines, and online articles are gateways to learning new things about life. It’s enjoyable.   My favorite book would be The Bible (on my phone), it’s life changing every time I open it.  I’m not huge on movies, but I do enjoy them mostly because it’s a time I can spend with my husband which is something to be grateful for.

3. Country
I love this country that took me in as a child.  It has allowed me to get an education and has given me opportunities that I might have not had elsewhere.  It’s a country with wonderful people and with freedoms that we can enjoy.  It has many wonderful places and beautiful cultures.  I’m blessed live in an amazing country.

4. Freedom
I am thankful for freedom of religion because I can have a relationship with God.  I am thankful for my right an education regardless of my gender or ethnicity.  My freedom to vote, freedom of speech and the many more, are all freedoms I am grateful for.

5. Entertainment
Life is meant to be enjoyed and there are tons of opportunities to do so.  Spending time with friends, dinner, movie time, sports, traveling, t.v, nature walk, time with family, holidays, nights out, playing games, time with children, shopping, laughing, concerts, are all blessings.  I am extremely thankful for every one of those moments.  Those memories I make will last a life time.

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