Thankful Thursday #1

November is a time when many of us get in the holiday spirit. I absolutely love this season because it means family gatherings, food, and a time of giving.

With Thanksgiving Day coming up, I decided to write what I’m thankful for every Thursday this month.

Being thankful should happen every day all year-long, not just in November. But since this is a time of expressing our gratitude, here are 5 things I am thankful for:-This week’s post doesn’t necessarily mention things. I will start with people in my life that I am thankful for.

1. God
I formed a relationship with God when I was very young. Every time I felt scared, lonely, sad, happy, or thankful I always talked to Him. It stayed the same my whole life even at times when I felt distant to Him, He was always my go to. He has given me strength for every battle and He has blessed me beyond what I ever imagined. With Him I have joy!


2. Husband
Juan is the man who changed my life to a more positive one. He has been there through my many emotions and has held my hand in every dark moment. He makes me laugh daily and stands by my side through every tear. He’s not selfish, always thinks of me, always thinks of helping, and always gives to others. He encourages me to seek after my dreams and helps make them possible. We always seek to have a fun marriage and to give our all. He isn’t perfect, but he is perfect for me.

3. Family
Having a large family has been beautiful. I am blessed with not just one, but 4 beautiful sisters. We laugh at random stuff, we share things with each other, and we enjoy time together. Most of all we share and make memories together that will last a lifetime. I am also blessed with wonderful parents who I love and enjoy spending time with. They keep trying to be the best parents for us. And I could go on about my nieces and nephews, but I’ll just say they are the most adorable and sweetest kids on Earth (at least for me they are)!


4. Friends
I’m blessed to have these two ladies in my life that believe in my dreams. Two friends who are positive about life and encourage me to do better. Women filled with love and want the best for me the same way I want the best for them. They are fun, loving, smart and wonderful ladies.


5. Leaders/advisors
Before moving a few months ago, these three ladies from my old church marked my life.  They are women who helped me when I was at my lowest point and were happy for me at my best. They are women who lead an exemplary life with their positive attitude, a marriage of example, and a Christ-led life. I don’t see them as often as before, but when I do, I feel so loved by them! They have helped shape my life and relationship with God.

There are many more people I’m blessed to know, but the ones I mentioned are the ones who have impacted or made a strong mark in my life. My life is beautiful because of them!

What are you thankful for in your life? Which people are you grateful for? This is such a great time to share what we are thankful for! I would love to know.

Next Thursday I will tell you five more things I am thankful for.

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