Enjoying Every Moment

This past weekend my husband and I headed out to the beach for a small  getaway.  We went to Leo Carrillo Beach which is further north from Malibu Beach.  It was a great escape from the busy city life.  The drive through the One North was beautiful.  Filled with small cities and a view of the coast all the way there.  We found parking very close, free, and quickly-something rare at the beaches of greater Los Angeles.

Arriving, we hiked down a small hill with a rough pathway.  It gave us a beautiful outlook of the ocean.  Once at the bottom, we picked a shady spot along the rocky hill to hide from the sun.  It was a very hot day and we didn’t take a canopy or umbrella, so shade was our best option.  There were few people, which made this getaway much nicer.   We were surrounded by a big rocky hill with cave like dentures, the water was more clear, and there were big waves.

I’m a huge advocate of enjoying every moment and the journey we are in.  Though a small getaway to a nearby beach may seem insignificant, to me it is an amazing feeling.  Every time I discover a new place, I enjoy taking in all of it’s beauty.  I especially love the beach and the peace that it delivers to me.  Discovering different corners of the world is like discovering another place given to me by God to enjoy.  I’m always extremely thankful to discover new places that bring joy to my soul.

Seeing the horizon where the sky and ocean meet makes me wonder how massive this world really is.  We are but a speck in this huge world, yet we are each very special.

We are so special that we have been given such beauty to enjoy with every sense.  Our eyes enjoy sunrises, sunsets, cloudy days, and beautiful skies.  Our ears can hear the sound of waves, rain, wind, and bugs.  Our body can feel the touch of sand, water, trees, and mud.  With our sense of smell we enjoy the smell of rain and food.  And with our mouth we taste delicious food that is also given to us from nature.

How can I not be thankful to enjoy small moments like these when I am given this enormous gift of nature?  How can I not be thankful to spend a quiet day with my husband as we look out into the beautiful ocean?

I’m blessed to enjoy moments like these.  Moments of sitting next to my husband, eating snacks, running from the waves, watching the sunset, hearing the splashing sound of waves, and having conversations.

There’s beauty in every moment and we need to enjoy them and remember them for days to come.  These are moments that we could easily miss out on when we don’t pay attention.

Luckily, my phone had no service here which allowed me to stay off social media since I’m addicted and tend to get distracted by the use of it.  I did use it to take pictures and video though.  Because we had no service, my husband and I had better quality time together and even fell asleep listening to the sound of the crashing waves.

It’s not many times we get to do this.  What a blessing it is to sleep ocean side.  What a blessing it is to feel the salty water.  What a blessing every small moment is!

As the sun set, we said farewell to another new discovery.

Ready for the next one….

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