5 Tips for Managing Anxiety

Worrying about the future holds us captive to days filled with unhappiness. We live in a world where we have expectations so high for ourselves that when we aren’t at a climax we see our lives as failures. We start to feel empty and are blind to our purpose and direction of our lives.

Day after day we worry about our dream job or positions. We worry about our marriage and where it’s headed. Many days we wake up confused about what the next step in life should be. We hold back on change because we have fear of the unknown. It’s a messy cycle of worry that becomes anxiety that stops us from living a life filled with joy and purpose.

The Struggle with Anxiety
In the past I have experienced anxiety about many things but I never allowed it to last long. My optimism always helped me look beyond the struggles of life. Turning my face towards the light helped me see how wonderful life was and it allowed me to embrace change. I was fearless within my fears.

It wasn’t until a few months ago I discovered I was dealing with a strong case of anxiety and have slowly tried to overcome it by remembering my strong and positive attitude towards life before anxiety came. Many things in my life changed all at once when I moved from Arizona to California. It felt and at times still feels like a complete start over.

Before moving I thought this change would be easy and I was excited to make new friends, find a new job, discover new places, and so on. Results it wasn’t. It indeed has been one of the toughest times in life. Many negative feelings take over, loss of sleep, and sometimes bad habits roll in.

This big life change led to a mind filled with negative thoughts and a negative attitude. Anxiety took over many of my thoughts about where my life was headed in terms of my career. Struggling to find a job has made it quite difficult to know where my life is going next. Where I was once a control freak and knew what to do next, it feels like I’ve been cuffed down and forced to reflect too much on what I want to do.

Other areas of my life have also been a cause of anxiety, such as when I’ll be a mother, my health, my friendships or better said the lack of (in this new city), my dreams, and missing my family and my old city.

But let me say this,

Living with anxiety is not living.

Anxiety puts us in a place where we don’t live life in the moment. We become unaware of the beauty that surrounds us. We become blind to the events happening around us because we have our eyes focused on a future that does not yet exist. We miss opportunities that present themselves but we miss them because new changes scare us. We fear. That fear freezes us. And when we freeze we live unhappy.  Thankfully, my thought patterns have improved significantly to how they were when I first moved.  Slowly but surely I am able to control anxiety more than before even as I still go through it at times.

Though we may be living and going through what seems like a dark path in life, we need to work towards removing our fears that come from anxiety. Easy to say right? But anxiety will have such a heavy weight on the mind and body that we can end up feeling sick. Increasing our faith about a positive future will help us remove the fears that live in our mind. And with a head full of fears we end up with no space for dreams, or we have empty dreams but no determination to reach them.  Putting into practice things that help control anxiety is the best way to start living a life of free of negative thoughts.

5 Tips to Managing Anxiety

So how can we live a life free of anxiety? How can we finally stop worrying about everything that crosses our mind and live without fear? I can’t say I have the perfect answers or the perfect solutions. All I have are some tips about what I do when I find myself struggling with anxiety. These tips might not even solve anxiety forever. Sometimes it goes deeper than that into our souls where we need to go to our past and find out why we have anxiety and come to terms with those issues once and for all to get rid of it. For now, let’s look at some practices that can help us live an anxiety free day.

1. Exercise
Exercise is known to release the feel good ‘endorphins’ that we need. It also helps to clear your mind and release stress. When we take the time for a sweat session, we find ourselves with a more positive attitude and determination. The times in life when I have maintained exercise a daily routine is when I have noticed the least amount of worry, anxiety, stress, and other negative feelings.

2. Prayer and Meditation
This isn’t a means of worrying about the ‘thing’ you have anxiety over and over thinking. Prayer and meditation needs to be a time to connect spiritually and listen to the needs in our lives. It is a time to focus on what steps we need to take to overcome our issue. When we take the time to connect spiritually and really listen, we find the answers to many of our struggles.

3. Talk to someone
Anxiety sometimes comes from not expressing ourselves and holding a lot in. Our mind is like a jar that starts to hold so much in and can explode at any moment. Sometimes we like to show how strong we are by not sharing what we are dealing with, but the best thing to do is to share your troubles with at least one person. Find someone who can lift you up and give you good advice. Don’t bottle it up. Don’t overfill the ‘jar’ as far as letting the top come off.  Share what you feel.

4. Write it down
Sometimes all we need to do is have a rant session with a piece of paper. There have been a few times where I have done this only to look back at what I wrote when I’m done and see how much was going through my mind. It helps me see what I’m struggling with and analyze what I need to do to overcome these struggles. What’s so awesome about this is that if you save your writing and look back at it months or years later, you are able to see how much you have grown or what areas you are still stuck in. Try it.

5. Practice changing negative thoughts into positive ones
This to me is the hardest practice of all because when I’m stuck in negativity I become blind to the positive things. This practice is so important though! Anxiety is a problem that lives in our mind. And if we have no control over our mind we are prone to so many bad things that come from anxiety. We need to take control over our thoughts daily. As soon as a negative thought crosses our mind, we need to replace it with something positive. It’s not easy but we MUST practice this. This is a challenge we need to face every day. Having control of our thoughts will be the best practice we can learn.

Live anxiety free today….

Though anxiety is not easy to just get rid of, there are many practices we can put in use to help cope with it. I could have added some more things on here that help me when I’m anxious, such as music, laughter, and reading, but these 5 points stood out to me the most.

I have improved so much in the last months in terms of anxiety. Like I mentioned, anxiety will sometimes make us sick. I felt completely sick when anxiety led me to depression. What helped me was to practice the tips here. Slowly I keep improving and letting go of things I cannot control.

My questions to you are, what do you do to control anxiety? Has anxiety ever been so bad it made you sick? I would love to hear from you. Which tip do you think you’ll put into effect? What tips do you have for me that could have been added to this list?

If this post helped you in any way please hit the share button on your favorite social media to help spread these tips to people going through anxiety. I would appreciate it very much! May your day be filled with lots of joy and be worry free.

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