6 Ways to Encourage Your Spouse to Follow Their Dreams

Because my life hasn’t been extremely busy these last months, I have spent a lot of time reflecting, getting ideas, and dreaming.  One moment I have a new idea, then a new dream.  Next I decide I want to do one thing but then decide I want to do another.  In the end, these are all dreams that need to be put in action.

In the middle of this confusion, I realized my husband has supported each and every one of my crazy dreams, never letting me doubt that they are possible.  He has been my number one encourager who cheers for me and is behind me 100% of the time. He makes my dreams his dreams and for this I am thankful.

Ever since we started dating, he supported me in different ways.  Whether it be financially or emotionally he was always there to help, especially when it came to my career.  He has prayed for me when I need it and joins me to marriage seminars and classes that have helped our marriage grow.

These last months that my crazy mind has gone through a phase of a million ideas popping up, he has encouraged me to pursue them, no matter what size of the dream.  I mean the crazy idea to start a blog came true because of his encouragement.   So here I am today about to share with you ways to encourage your spouse, all because I one day my soul mate’s words pushed me to start writing.

I try to do the same for him by being encouraging him.  At times, we may disagree with certain ideas that can affect us, but we find a way to make it work and make each other’s dreams each other’s.

Here I leave you with 6 ways we have encouraged each other that may work for you also.

Ways to Encourage Your Spouse to Follow Their Dreams

1. Encourage them to follow their dreams and goals

This is the obvious one.  As partners it’s so important to encourage each other to follow our dreams and goals.  From all the people in the world, fate put us with this one person.  We become responsible for lifting them up (or bringing them down) and pushing them to follow their dreams with our words.  The same way I way we enjoy someone telling us our dreams are possible, is the same way our partners enjoy it.  Be their cheerleader and help them dream even bigger.  Let them know you stand with them.  If they want to go back to college, together make plans on how to make it possible. If they have a new idea, try to understand them and then encourage them.

2. Encourage them to keep trying when they give up
Those dreams will sometimes die not because they don’t want them anymore, but because they got discouraged.  Ask them about it.  Encourage your spouse with your words.  Remind them what a great idea it was and how you are proud of what they are doing.  Remind them to not give up and how persistence will help them get there.

3.  Encourage them by making their day better

Leaving an inspirational note, a quote, or telling them something that inspires them to reach their dreams will help your partner stay motivated.  Make their day better by helping them out in a project, cooking a meal, bringing a treat to help them de-stress, or anything that puts a smile on their face.

4. Encourage them with praise
“You’re doing a great job” “You’re beautiful.” “I love when….”   Oh, how those words make a difference when we hear them.  Words are powerful and can change our entire day when it’s going bad.  Be the one to remind your spouse what an amazing person they are and how wonderful they are.  Tell them you are proud of what they do.  Your praise will encourage them to do their best and will make them feel happy.

5. Encourage them to express themselves by listening
Sometimes all we need to do is express ourselves and rant on about an idea that came to mind.  The best way we can encourage our spouse is by listening before speaking or before killing their dream with a premature comment that can discourage them.  When we take time to listen, we catch a glimpse of what’s in their heart making us more sensitive to their dreams.  If right away you believe it’s a great idea, use your words to encourage.  If you have concerns, bring them up when they’re done speaking but use wise words as to why and wisely give alternatives that still encompass their dreams.   Most of all, try to encourage them and use words that affirm they can reach their highest potential.

6. Encourage by loving them
Without love, my husband wouldn’t have gone along with many of my wild ideas. Same way around.  Without love, my husband’s idea to move to California away from my -thought-I-would-live-there-all-my-life-city (Tucson), wouldn’t have happened.  I would have been selfish and stopped him from growing in his career.  I gave up what seemed like a lot, for love.  He is my partner and it was my turn to help him grow in his career just like he did for me during college and other times in life.  Besides, I came with an open mind that new opportunities would come for me as well.  I encourage you to love your spouse so much, that you are daring to jump on their crazy wagon to following their dreams.  Make it work somehow, for love.  Make their dream your dream.

Bonus Tip: be patient
Following your dreams takes patience not only for ourselves but also for our partner.  If mine and my husband’s struggle with infertility has taught us something, it has been patience.  Patience to know that dreams come true one day or another.  They may take time and planning, they might cost us, or they may seem to hard, but be patient.  Hard work pays off sooner or later.  Be the one to show patience so that it can rub off on your spouse.  Know that with time the dreams you have together will be reached if we encourage one another daily.

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