A Medicine Overdose With a Life Lesson

Have you ever had a scare that made you wonder how you didn’t die?

A few weeks ago I accidentally overdosed on medication in the middle of the night causing me to have a seizure in my sleep.  I was completely freaked out about it when I woke up that morning!

It started when I got some flu-like virus from somewhere.  I usually try to be tough and skip medicine as I’m not big on drugs to cure myself.  Instead, I try to rely on specific foods, teas, water, and rest.   But it got so bad that I knew I needed antibiotics to get better.

I wanted the good and strong stuff if I was going to take medication, so I went across the border to Tijuana, Mexico.  I got a cough medicine, an antibiotic, and a regular cold medicine each to be taken every 8 hours (all together was fine) for a week.  I took the first round of doses at 12pm and would take the next one at 8pm.

Somehow in my confusion though, (I had a foggy brain I guess) I planned to take my medicine at 12 pm, then 8pm, then 12am, then 8am….hmm, I must have been confusing the structure of a clock with 12pm, 6pm, 12 am, 6a.m.  I don’t know!  But what I do know is the 8pm medication I took followed by the 12am dose in the middle of the night was only 4 hours apart!  My body had a drug overload!

That was a lot of medicine (remember I was taking 3 kinds)!!  Somewhere a bit after that overdose, I had a scare.  I started dreaming and hallucinating some weird and random things I don’t even remember when all of a sudden, I started to twitch and shake.  My whole body was being thrust wildly as I lifted my arms up as If trying to reach for the roof or something.   They felt stiff and stuck.  They felt like a stick that I couldn’t bend!

My face was somehow stuck in place and all I could feel moving from it were my eyeballs from side to side in fear wondering what the heck was going on.  In the middle of it all, I had this faint knowing that my husband was laying next to me.  I remember trying to touch him wanting help, but my hands just wouldn’t bend and I was twitching and shaking uncontrollably.

Then it suddenly ended.  My body crashed down to my bed and everything went dark.  I had blacked out, or fainted or whatever you want to call it.    I didn’t feel a thing from there.

When I woke up that morning, I immediately remembered something strange had happened but I couldn’t figure it out because I was still dizzy and somewhat hallucinating (the room felt like it was moving-like the effects of being overly drunk).

As I thought and thought about it more, wondering if it was a hallucination that I had a seizure, I read the bottle on one medication confirming some of the side effect I was feeling from the overdose.  I also went online to read about overdose effects which also confirmed a seizure was common.

It is then it hit me,  I had somehow confused the timing of the medication.  I was just in disbelief that I had felt such an odd experience in the middle of the night and just passed out, like nothing.  With no one knowing.  Obviously my husband was in a stage 4 of his deep sleep and felt none of it going on.

All I thought that morning was how lucky, or more like blessed I was that I didn’t overdose to the point that something worse happened- yes, I was thinking the word dying!  I know, I know, it’s not common to die when you have a regular seizure related to something else,  but it is possible during your sleep and especially when it has to do with a drug overdose

I also thought about how stupid I felt to have confused myself somehow and caused myself this drug reaction.  How I could have killed myself from my inability to be more careful.

Maybe I’m making it a bigger deal than it is, maybe I’m not.  But this event taught me that we take so many things for granted.  It also proved a point about why I don’t necessarily like medication.  Because of it, I spread out the timing and only took them twice a day.  Besides I knew they would heal me anyways, slower but it’d still happen.

I also thought about how my husband could have woken up only to find someone without breath next to him.  What a scary and sad situation that would have been for him.  I wondered if I had said “I love you” the night before, which I’m sure I probably did since we always say it to each other.  Either way,  it made me see how important it is to do so always!

Maybe my thoughts were and are an exaggeration and it was a simple seizure (if there’s any such thing as a simple seizure), maybe I was still under a hallucination effect and imagined the whole thing (which I doubt-I know what I felt),  maybe just maybe I’m being silly about it.

But as I look back at that small moment on a random night of my life,  I can only thank God that I’m alive after a medicine drug overdose.  It helped me appreciate every night I lay in bed with my husband.  Most of all, though it was a simple mistake, it taught me to be more careful when taking medication.  Now I hate medicine even more but will still take it because in the end, it is sometimes necessary and does work as an aide when illness gets out of hand.

This overdose was important and necessary to happen in my life.  I believe every thing that happens to us is a stepping stone towards learning something new, even when it was caused by our own stupidity.  Had I not caused this to myself through my mistake, I might not have had this moment that leaves me thankful and in appreciation for another day in this world.

Of course there are other things that also teach me this, and they happen often, but this was an important reflection at that time.  This isn’t the scariest and biggest thing to happen to someone in order for them to reflect on life, but even a small event like this can be eye-opening and a small reminder.  Some of us have gone through bigger things for this to happen.  In the end, everything happens specifically at a perfect moment and for a specific purpose.  Life sure has a way of teaching us many life lessons, sometimes from good experiences and sometimes from bad ones.   No matter how random they are!

Have you ever gone through a scare that makes you wonder why you are alive?  Did it help you embrace life and be a little more thankful and appreciative towards it?  Or have you gone through an event or rough time in your life that has taught you the lessons to be thankful for a new day everyday?

Let me know your stories and the lessons you learned.    Blessings to all of you!

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