Staying Positive In Negative Situations

Sometimes negative events and negative people can make life feel a lot less positive.  Situations that break our heart may occur, people say the wrong things about us and about others, we can’t seem to find success when we are looking for it and it all makes life seem a bit worse.

During these negative life events and people, it’s hard to stay positive but it is possible.  Here are some tips I try to follow on how to stay positive when negative things happen and negative people surround me.

1.  Surround yourself with positive people.

Sometimes we can’t escape negative people because they might be our coworkers, family, or friends.  Negative comments about life and about people may somehow make us feel drained and tense.  When people are negative about a situation, respond with a positive comment about that situation.  This could change that person’s perspective about life and lessen up the negativity.  Some people are just always negative no matter what you say.  It may be hard to do, but sometimes the best thing to do is to spend less time with these people.  I prefer live in peace and stay positive about life than to live feeling life is miserable from everything that I listen to.  Surround yourself with people who inspire you to live life happy.  People who enjoy life and see the positive within the negative situations.  Being around people who constantly face life with a positive perspective will help you do the same.

2. Stop listening to sad music, reading sad books, and watching sad movies.

Okay, my favorite movies are always the sad ones-think Nicholas Sparks.   Sad movies usually make me realize how blessed I am and I enjoy a good cry here and there.  Sometimes though, when we aren’t feeling very happy in our personal life and we are going through a tough time we might need to skip these things that make us feel worse.  I had to practice this last week when the Telethon was on the Spanish channel.  It was the week I’d have given birth had I not miscarried, and many of those stories are sad and make people cry.  After one story, I quit watching because I felt unfortunate to not have my baby.  I wasn’t going to put myself through that pain and feel miserable. I removed myself from something that was a negative situation to me at the moment.  When you are going through a failed relationship the worse thing to do, is listen to sad music about relationship-trust me I know.  I used to put them just to feel more miserable about my broken heart when I was a teenager.  Not a good idea!  Put some happy music that will inspire you to do better. We have a chance to make things better or to make them seem more miserable.  Know when to remove yourself from sad stories, movies and music.

3.  Go out and enjoy life.

It’s hard to want to enjoy life when you feel miserable about something but my best antidote to sadness and negative situations is to get busy doing something that makes you happy.  For me that is anything that means having fun.  It may be a sitting at the beach, hiking and watching the sunset,  trying something new and going somewhere new (zoo, park, etc.), going on a fun date with my husband or friends, and meeting up with friends and family.  Life has many opportunities for us to smile.  Sometimes we need to find those things by simply getting out of  our house.  Life is about the small moments. Enjoy them.

4. Get your fitness on and eat healthy

This may seem like an odd advice to being more positive, but I have found that I am most positive in my life when I have an exercise routing going on and am eating healthy.  It’s true what they say, exercising releases the feel good endorphins.  Every time I exercise I feel more positive and ready to conquer any challenge and tough situation in my life.  When I eat healthy, I also feel good and have more energy and instead of feeling tired, which lowers my positive spirit.  I don’t always follow this advice, yet it’s the one that works the best for me.

5. Forgive

Forgive everyone!  Forgiving even the simplest offense done to you (someone cut you in traffic or said the wrong words) will do joys for your life.  When we live in resentment towards people we are living a negative life.  We may not notice it, but resentment makes us bitter and unhappy.  It can make us feel life is unfair thus making us feel negative and ungrateful about it.  When we forgive, even when forgiveness wasn’t asked for, we enjoy life because we hold no grudges.  We can feel grateful for life because we aren’t living focused on the bad things have happened to us.  Instead we focus on being happy no matter what happened in the past.  Forgiveness sets us free from feeling trapped in a box of resentment.  Try it.  Let go of what people have done and truly forgive them.

6.  Be thankful

Nothing is forever.  Every hardship we go through will end.  When the storm is over we will have learned something and become stronger.  We need to be thankful even for those negative situations as well as the good ones.  We can also be thankful for the people we have in our lives.  There are many things to be thankful for and when we start practicing this, we will start to have joy because we no longer focus on the negative situations in our lives.  Start being thankful today for every small and big thing.

7. Connect spiritually

Sometimes all we need is to connect spiritually. Listen to worship music, say a prayer, or read scripture.   When we connect we find answers to our situations, we feel rested, and we gain peace.  Connecting will help us become positive people within our negative situations.

I don’t practice these all the time.  Sometimes I fail at being positive.  When I catch myself I always try to analyze and see what’s making me feel negative. Then I try to fix the situation by changing my mindset about it.

Life is better when we learn to see the good.  Take a look around where you are at right now.  Is there something you can be positive about today?  For me, as I look out my window, I see the mountain tops with the first visible snow of the season.  They look beautiful!  How lucky I am to see them.  How lucky I am that I can go snowboard on them soon.

What a beautiful moment it is when we see the positive things in everything! Life may not be perfect, but there are perfect things happening all around.

How do you stay positive in life?  When there are negative situations?  I always enjoy knowing how others face life events with a positive mentality.  Do share with me. 🙂

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