Setting Goals Today, Not In January

With New Year’s Day around the corner many of us have  some goals in mind that we want to set as new year’s resolution.   But did you know that according to Forbes Magazine only 8% people achieve them?  Only 8%!

The mistake?  We sometimes set so many resolutions and goals that are so big they become unattainable.  We make lists that include eating healthier, getting fit, taking care of our finances, weight loss, quitting bad habits, goals on self-improvement and so on.  We want to tackle too many goals at once and forget about setting small goals to get there.

If we have so many goals in mind, why do we need to wait to start at a certain time?  Like Monday, or next month, or when summer starts.  Why not start now?  Why can’t we focus on having daily resolutions instead of future resolutions to reach?

If we really want to reach our goals, isn’t best to start today?  Why not start eating healthier today and not next month?  Why not quit a habit today instead?  Why not take care of our finances as of now as Christmas approaches?

The best time to start reaching our goals is today! I know, I know! Many of these goals seem impossible to do during the holidays.  Trust me I know!  I started eating healthy and working out again a week before Thanksgiving.  For Thanksgiving weekend I went to Mexico where I completely ruined all the work I had put in, but what did I do when I was back?  I got back on the wagon and focused on continuing my goals.  I could have focused on how difficult it is to follow through on these goals in December but i REALLY want to see improvements in my body, NOW! Not in January.  And if I do fail on Christmas Day and New Years, it’s okay.  We will fail sometimes.  But it’s up to us to not feel defeated and keep on trying to reach our goals.

What about saving money?  Are some of you wishing you knew how to budget your money?  Why not start now?  In fact, it’s the best time to start.  It’s tempting to spend a lot during this time of the year.  Many of us fall into the sales trap and overspend.  Instead, it’s a perfect time to set a budget on how much you will spend for each person.  Think about if they really need the most expensive things, look for deals, find alternatives, and go to stores that have those items at a better price.  It is possible to have a controlled budget now.  It’s about setting goals and following through.

Think about the goal you’ve wanted to reach.  What’s stopping you from starting your goal today?  If your answer is something that seems silly to you, maybe it’s time to start setting mini goals to reaching them now.  Start setting daily resolutions and you will see that in no time you will have accomplished your goal.  Some goals are not as easy to reach today, maybe because of health issues or something else.  In this case, list them as a long-term goals that you would like to reach someday and focus on those you can.

How do we reach our goals?

1. Set small goals to reach the big goal

Do you have a big goal in mind?  Weight loss, quitting a bad habit?  Write some ways that you can get there. If you want to travel somewhere, start by saving a certain amount of money each week.  Baby steps.

2. Reward yourself when you reach your small goals

Did you just reach a goal at work?  Celebrate with a night out or a pedicure.  Did you accomplish some weight loss?  Buy yourself a new shirt.  Small rewards will keep you motivated.  You deserve it for working hard to get there.

3. Keep going when you fail

We’re not perfect and reaching our goals won’t always be easy.  It’s okay to fail here and there, but what’s important is that we keep going.  Just because you missed your workout doesn’t mean you won’t go tomorrow.  Don’t blame yourself when your efforts fail.  Be gentle with yourself.  Know that it’s okay and that you WILL reach your goals.  Just continue tomorrow. Start over again and again! Just never quit trying.

4. Stay Positive and don’t give up

This point goes along with the last one.  When you fail, don’t give up.  You have to stay positive and know that you CAN reach your goals.  We can’t give up.  It’s not easy and we have to focus on how good the outcome will feel when we reach our goals.  That awesome feeling you get will be amazing.  You will feel so proud of yourself for sticking through your small goals to get to your big goals.  It’s possible. Just don’t give up!

So I ask you now?  What’s stopping you from starting today?  And if you start today, you can set new fresh goals as resolutions in January.  Maybe new ones in February and so on.  Maybe everyday we can set daily resolutions that focus on our goals.

Let’s focus on our goals TODAY.  It’s time to start now!

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