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What Are You Passionate About?

passionate about travel
Written by Edith Rodriguez

When I read T.D Jakes’ book, Instinct, The Power To Unleash Your Inborn Drive, I was inspired to answer a question he asks in one of the chapters.  The question is,


Are you aware of what fascinates you?


He then encouraging us to observe the things that fascinate us and are passionate about such as; what we talk about, the things we photograph, the magazines and books we read, the shows we watch, our pins and cut-outs, hobbies, the places we visit (museums), the things that gave us pleasure as a child, etc.


He encourages this because these passions are usually the ones where our greatest calling is at.


So, I went through my Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and pictures.  Scanned my books and magazines, thought about my conversations, and paid attention to the things I do and places I visit.  I thought about the things that gave me pleasure as a child and observed the things I watch and listen to.


And though at the top of my head I can easily blurt out that I love traveling and it’s my biggest passion I have and hope to do full-time someday, I wasn’t so clear about my other passions until I chose to answer the question for myself.


What fascinates me?  What am I passionate about?


I’m a girl full of passions and there are times I want to do everything!  But I found the following to be the most common themes in my life.


I’m not a full extrovert, but I do love making friends and spending time with family.  I will do anything in my reach to be by the people I care for and to befriend people who may feel out-of-place at a party, meet-up, etc.  I love meeting up with those I love and meeting people from various countries and different cultures.  Sometimes I have a hard time making friends, but once I make them I become close.  My passion is having a beautiful marriage, amazing friends, and to always enjoy my family.  I’m a people person.


I’ve spent my entire life reading books and magazines that teach me important things about life, love listening to speakers at conferences of topics I enjoy, and have always loved school and would go my whole life if could.  I’m the one who will get a masters in every subject I love.  I just need a bit more money to pay for grad school!  I think I’ll be the old lady who graduates from college over and over again.  Even at age 90!


passionate about teaching



It’s no wonder I love teaching, I like to share what I learn with others.  My favorite topic to teach students is usually anything related to life and I now see how it has expanded into my blog.  I want to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle by sharing my journey.  Not sure readers learn, but I hope it somehow inspires a more joyful life.  I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was a child and I did and love it.  It’s such a rewarding career.


Travel, Exploring, Adventures
This is by far the biggest topic in my life besides God.  I spend my days and nights dreaming about places to go.  I’ve spent my youthful 20’s traveling locally with my husband and together we have made plans to travel other countries for some time before moving back to AZ in a few years.  My life is also full of local places we explore and adventures we like to go on.  We will do anything from snowboarding, to riding ATV’s, hiking, and more.  I really think I need to find a career in traveling!  It’s no joke how much of my time I spend thinking and dreaming about travel.


passionate about travel


Okay, so I don’t have pictures, or talk about technology per se, but ever since I laid hands on a phone back when I was 16 I’ve never put it down.  I enjoy social media and searching the web.  And computers?  I’m not an expert but I live on my computer. I’ve loved computers ever since I used to play Oregon Trail in 2nd grade and was learning to type words per minute without looking.  It’s no wonder I started a blog!



I’ve been subscribed to a health magazine for years!  Most blogs I follow are health related and I spend most of my time reading health tips about the body, food, mental and spiritual health.  One of my favorite classes in college was my nutrition class and a lot of my conversations are health related.  And though I don’t always make the healthiest choices and struggle to follow them because I have intense cravings, I do spend a lot of time focused on being healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.   For some time now I’ve thought of taking courses to learn more about health, just for fun or as a hobby.


They say save the best for last right?!  And there’s not much I can explain other than the fact that I spend my day speaking to God.  I’m passionate about what I can do to help spread His love and word in whatever way is best.  And if it be small mention here or to friends, my passion is to share His love and to always worship Him.


Other mentions of passions I have:  photography, fitness, and planning


Your turn!


What fascinates you?  What are you passionate about?


These exact passions are the ones that will lead us to our greatest callings if we pay attention and follow them.   I learned a lot from observing what fascinates me and I want to go into those paths and explore them more.


Take a look at what fascinates you.  At what you’re passionate about.  Use them to help you follow your goals and to lead you to your calling in life!


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Edith Rodriguez

Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.


  • Hi Edith, I loved the idea of understanding your passion through watching what you read, watch, talk about and do on the internet.

    I can say that I share many of your interests, except for teaching!

    Have a great day, and keep doing what you are passionate about 🙂

      • That’s very true, the small things are often overlooked. I am going good, except for exams that are coming soon! It’s alright, hope you are doing well too 🙂

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