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The Importance Of Our Name

Written by Edith Rodriguez

Have you ever looked up the meaning of your name?

I’ve looked it up several times before and the meanings never stuck with me except the part where my name means rich, because who would forget that right? Don’t we all want to be a little rich?


Anyway, meanings of names are important and have significance.  That’s why some people are very careful about what they name their children.  One celebrity who names their children according to their meanings is Shakira.  Her son Sasha got his name because it means “defender of mankind” and “warrior.” And her other son Milan’s name means “dear, loving, and gracious.”  These all seem like values she lives by and embraces and probably hopes her children will too.  Let’s not forget her own name means “grateful” and she seems to live by that in all she does to help children.  She is one who understands the importance of a name.



I my own curiosity about name meanings, I looked up both my names once more knowing it didn’t only mean rich.  I am a strong believer that the meaning of our names are important, guiding myself by faith and the many name changes seen in the Bible.  In the Bible, an individual’s name was their identity, and their identity was a person’s vocation or God’s calling in their life.  I wanted to know what God’s calling is for me through my name’s meaning.


Truth be told, I’ve never cared for either of my names.  I thought Edith was old-fashioned while the Carolina was irrelevant.   But after connecting the meanings to each other and to my life, I am so thankful for what I was named and I now understand the importance of naming my future kids something with a special meaning.


In saying that let me give you the meaning of my first and middle names (with synonyms listed together)


-rich, wealthy, fortune, blessed
-war, prosperous in war/battles/strife/fights, happy warfare

-Song of joy/ of happiness


I look at my first name and wonder where the heck all this money is at because I’m certainly not rich in money.  But if I look deeper into the meaning of it I am rich in many ways other than money.



I’ve been blessed with an amazing husband, a wonderful family, great friends, a beautiful place I call home, a life, an awesome God, and many other reasons.  I am rich in wonderful experiences, rich in love, and rich in life. What more can a girl ask for?



This leads me to the meaning of my second name-song of joy.  Because I’m blessed, my life is like a song of joy.  My life is happiness.  That’s not even taking into account what’s in store for me in the future, including that fortune that my name promises!




As I take a look at the second meaning, I could not agree more.  It means I’m prosperous in war.  We all face wars,  and unfortunately my war has been against my health in dealing with PCOS, infertility and occasionally a bad dose of acute bronchitis.


The promise in my name makes me smile because it means I will win the war against health.  It means my body will not live the symptoms of PCOS. It means my body is fertile.  It means my body is healed from any disease.  And the best part? My second name’s meaning says I’m strong.  Strong enough to fight the ‘wars’ I face.  Strong enough to be healthy.  Strong enough to let go of hurts and live a life of joy.



Lastly, I’m a free-woman. Meaning I am free from the burden of it all. Free and healthy of things that contaminate the mind and spirit.  Free from living a negative life. Free of any captivity that tries to bring me down.


What do you thing about that?! I had never made the connections to my names but how beautiful it is that our names were perfectly picked out for us by our parents.  My name was meant to be specifically mine and I now have that clear.



I never hated my names, just thought they didn’t sound modern or special.  After putting the meanings together and taking a look at my life, I now understand how special my name is, and I will appreciate it more than before.



What’s more beautiful is that each time someone calls me by my name, they are declaring and speaking these things over my life, by just saying it.  Luckily, I get called by both names in different environments.  Every time someone calls me Edith, they remind me I’m blessed and declare a rich life for me.  Every time I’m called Caro (short for Carolina), I’m declared strong, free, and joyful.



Now, I know sometimes people are given names that mean something absolutely negative.  So before you google it, know that the negative meaning doesn’t have to define you.  If it’s negative, it’s not so easy to just get it changed.  But what can be done, is to see it as something to overcome or something important you must face in life.  An example I can think of is the name Dolores-which means pain in Spanish.  Must overcome pain, but it will make you stronger.  In the case of a bad name, I would see it as something that will make me stronger, or I’d get myself a nickname with a better meaning 🙂


So, as you google your name, may you come upon a beautiful meaning that has an inspiring connection to your life.   Be happy every time someone says your name.  It was meant just for you.  I may seem like a crazy girl who believes our name has power, but I just base it on the importance that name changing was given in the Bible 🙂



I know my future kids will be getting names that mean something extra special!


What about you?  Do you like the meaning of your name?  Were your kids named something special for a purpose?  Are you also one who believes that our names have great importance?  I’d love to hear your names and meanings, do share!



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