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Thankful Thursday #2

Thankful Thursday 2
Written by Edith Rodriguez

Thankful Thursday 2


November is a time when many of us get in the holiday spirit. I absolutely love this season because it means family gatherings, food, and a time of giving.


With Thanksgiving Day coming up, I decided to write what I’m thankful for every Thursday this month.


Being thankful should happen every day all year-long, not just in November. But since this is a time of expressing our gratitude, here are 5 things I am thankful for:


Here is last week’s post:  Thankful Thursday #1



1. Home
Home is a concept that has changed for me recently.  I thought my whole life I’d live in Tucson, Az where everyone I know lives.  But now, I’m in California near Los Angeles, Ca area.  My home in Tucson became a rental and now I’m living in a temporary rental in California.   I’m now in a place where I have to start over and make new friendships and learn where places are at.  But it is beautiful and there are lots of things to do here. What I have discovered makes home is not what there is or what house you have.  Home is who you share it with.   And I have a home that I share with the most wonderful husband, and it’s all I care for.



Boat ride at Newport Beach.



2. Nature/Places
I love traveling!  I find beauty in discovering places different from where I live.  It’s beautiful to see how different places look, the way of living, and the customs and cultures.  One quote I read and loves is “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”  This is what I live by.   I plan to discover as many corners as I can in my lifetime.



Sequoia National Forest


3. Food
Who doesn’t love food?  I have yet to discover someone who doesn’t!  Though I’ve had to seek better and healthier options to be healthy, I am so thankful for it, even salad.  Food can be medicine and it has the power to heal. What a blessing that is.  What a blessing that it can nourish us and how fun it is to learn new recipes (even when it’s not my favorite thing to do). Food is a blessing!





4. Music
Music is good for our soul.  It can lift us up and encourage us.  It has power over our mood and it can get us to dance around. Voices give us goosebumps and the sound of instruments is beautiful to our ears. Music is a beautiful creation that I am thankful for.



Hillsong Concert




5. Career/jobs
Though I’m on a temporary break because of the move, I am thankful when I am teaching.  It’s such a rewarding job.  Children have blessed my life in many ways.  I am also thankful for my husband’s job and that he is a provider for us.  I’m thankful for my next job to come for me, whatever position that may be (teaching or not).  Having a job is a blessing that I am thankful for.



Gift from a student.


What are you thankful for?  Are any of mine on your list?


Next Thursday I will tell you five more things I am thankful for.


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