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Seeing Past The Fog

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Written by Edith Rodriguez

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This morning I looked out my window but my view was blocked by fog.  I could only see a few feet out to where my car was parked.  As I saw the white and foggy cloud in front of me, I wondered what cars were passing by as I heard them.   The fog was clearly blocking my view of what lay ahead but I didn’t think much of it and went on to write on the blog.


As I started organizing the design of this blog, positive thoughts about the blog’s future came to mind.  The thought that stood out to me was,  “Marvelous things await in your future.”  Talk about waking up positive and with a vision in mind!  I was on an optimistic venture for the day!


At that moment, I thought about some time back when I wasn’t at my best.  I was right in the middle of a depression and had no clear vision of my future!  In fact, I didn’t even want to move on to the future because I thought it was worthless and nothing interesting awaited.  It was as if in the middle of this depression a cloud of fog rolled in to my life to block my view of not only my future, but even the next 10 minutes!


I’m sure I’m not the only one who relates to this.  Almost everyone I know at one point has gone through a difficult time where everything seemed impossible.  Their positive perspective was fogged by obstacles that crossed their path.  But how exactly does this fog affect us?


How does the fog that rolls into our lives during hard times affect us?

1. Fog blurs our perspective and blocks our vision and dreams

When we are going through something extremely tough in life, we fail to see the goodness that lies ahead because our mind is set only what’s happening.  It becomes hard to have a clear vision of what you expect to happen and your perspective changes because your expectation of a wonderful life isn’t being met.  We become blind to what lies ahead because our problem becomes a giant that overflows in our mind to the point that it removes all the positivity from inside.  Dreaming?  In our minds, these dreams become something unattainable.  The fog makes us believe we will be stuck in our situation forever and we have no time to think about those dreams we had.

2. Fog affects the ability to think and concentrate

When I went through a miscarriage, I became numb.  Zombie-like.  Robot-like.  A lot of my actions and decisions I made were without thinking.   That’s what happens when the fog rolls into our lives.  We lose the ability to make decisions and take correct actions because we really can’t.  Our problems is so big that everything else no longer matters. We become unfocused towards everything else because our thoughts are set on the obstacles we are facing.  Since the fog affects our thinking, (over-thinking the situation) we end up having difficulty concentrating on everything else.






Seeing Past the Fog

1.  Have faith when you cannot see

Even when your view is obstructed, having faith will give you hope for a better future because you trust that everything will turn out fine.   When we focus on the beautiful things that could happen to us by having faith, our perspective starts to change and we will slowly but surely remove the fog from blocking our view.

2.  Speak positive words over your life

Words are powerful and they have the ability to brighten up our day.  When I woke up thinking what a marvelous future lay ahead for my blog, I immediately got into a positive mindset.  My vision of the plans I have in mind became more clear.  If you have dreams, start saying phrases that speak life about that dream.  If you are struggling with the your self-image perception, start telling yourself how beautiful and smart you are.  Stop focusing on the bad, and start speaking life!

3. Have gratitude about everything

Without gratitude we can’t have joy.  Start each morning saying, praying, or writing down just 5 things you are thankful for.  You will discover there are many things that are still good in your life.  The fog obstructs us from seeing the positive things in our lives, but if we are intentional about it, we can find hundreds of things to be thankful for.  This will help you get past the fog.

5.  Connect spiritually

Let me just say prayer does wonders!  Prayer and time spent in relationship with my God were the times the fog would start disappearing.  If I slacked, I sometimes fell back into my negativity and those clouds rolled right back in!  You want the fog to leave already?  Then start healing your Spirit and you will see the fog leave your mind.




I don’t know what will happen in your future and what types of problems and obstacles you will face, but I do know that if we aren’t careful, these obstacles will become like fog that obstructs the view of our dreams and goals.  Marvelous things are always about to happen, yet when we can’t see them, we have to know they are still going to happen.  Maybe not at the moment because we are going through some molding and learning, but they will.  You just have to trust.  Soon you’ll be walking out of the fog.


It’s up to us how long we choose to allow the fog to block our perspective on life.  Don’t allow it to distort your view.  Focus on what you feel, reflect on your troubles, and then do some of the steps mentioned above.  Take action to see past the fog.  Know that the fog is temporary and it will soon disappear and you will walk out a champ.  Know that your situation will only last a while, and soon enough you will be enjoying life to its fullest again.



How do you deal with the obstacles that obstruct your view of a better tomorrow?  My main one is prayer, especially when all else fails.  Have you ever been in a fog so deep it was hard to walk out of?  Please share your thoughts with me. 🙂


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