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 Welcome to Unblemished!


About Unblemished

Unblemished is a healthy lifestyle blog by Edith Rodriguez.   A place to encourage you to live a positive, healthy, and joyful life.


Unblemished was created to encourage a life of healing that starts from the inside out.  A place to share motivating and inspiring tips and stories that can help you relate.


Unblemished was created with hopes that it can inspire you to have a positive mind, a healthy lifestyle (physically and mental), a joyful life, and to inspire a successful life.


You will find posts of encouragement, motivation, happiness, success and health.  From time to time there will be lifestyle topics about marriage, faith, and adventures.  And basically anything that will empower a women to feel good about themselves!  Whether that be through personal stories you relate to or through lifestyle tips, the purpose of Unblemished is for you to live unblemished; or better said, undamaged by life’s hardships.


A quote that describes one of my goals at Unblemished is the following from Robert Unich:

At Unblemished, my hope is to inspire you to be healthy inside and out so that your physical can be a reflection of the joy you feel inside.

Topics on the Blog

Positivity:  Topics that encourage us to have a positive mindset.  (Mind)
Health:  Topics that encourage taking care of our mental well-being, and those that encourage health through nutrition and fitness. (body)
Joy:  Topics that encourage us to live happy.  (Spirit)
Success:  Topics that motivate and inspire.
Lifestyle:  Random life posts on family, marriage, life, travel, adventures, faith, reviews

About Edith

Hi!  I’m Edith, the blogger at Unblemished.  I started this healthy lifestyle blog in June 2014 as a way to share personal reflections and to motivate myself and others to live healthy in every area, mind, body, and spirit.  By always seeking healing through faith and learning, I have been able to live a healthy, joyful, and positive life-  what I hope to inspire here at Unblemished.


A bit about me:  I was born in Mexico but grew up throughout different cities in Arizona, yet I call Tucson my desert home.  I’m currently and temporarily in Southern California, a place that I plan to explore and enjoy in my time here.


I’m a girl who absolutely loves traveling and discovering new places.  I also love food, family, adventures, photos, creating memories, exercise, reading, learning, and most of all God.  My area of expertise is as a teacher to elementary children, and I am currently looking to get back into the classroom.  It’s an extremely rewarding job despite its difficulties.  Recently I have re-discovered my love for writing which started after creating this blog.


I started Unblemished when I was going through a difficult time in my life and felt inspired by God to create it to help others heal and live a healthy and joyful life.  I named my blog Unblemished because it means “not damaged or marked in any way, perfect.”  Though it is impossible to be perfect,  my goal is that we become healed people by letting go of past hurts and wounds, healing our body through making healthy choices and fitness, and through seeking self-improvement-all leading to a life that is not damaged or marked.  The result-a healthy life all around.


I hope that what you read here will empower you to live a life full of joy!

Today and everyday you read this blog, I thank you for supporting this little space of mine!

(To know more about the why I started unblemished click here.)


Long Beach

My favorite place to be. The beach.




 Random facts about me:

*I got married to my husband at 19,   almost 9 yrs of marriage.

Wedding Day

We were still babies! (not really) But I would do it all over again.


* I love God and I feel blessed by Him.

* I was a teacher for 6 yrs; taught 1st and 2nd grade.

*I have 4 sisters; our conversations are about the weirdest things ever.


* I don’t like to be licked by dogs or other animals or touched by fish and bugs.

* A fly buzzing in my house makes me so mad I can feel my heartbeat rising.

* I’m scared of bees. Never been stung.

* Though I haven’t been to too many places, I absolutely love traveling.

Snowboarding Love

We love doing anything outdoors.

* I love the outdoors, therefore being inside my house too long drives me crazy.

* I’m OCD about the organization in my fridge.

Las Vegas Fun

I know, this picture has nothing to do with my fridge.

* I am diagnosed with PCOS and I have the determination to overcome the symptoms.

* Because of PCOS, I struggle with infertility.  But my faith relies on God.  He knows the perfect time for things to happen.

* I’m a mother to an angel in heaven who never made it into this world.

Joy in the midst of a storm

At church a week after the hardest day of our lives. Gods love kept us strong.

* I’m not ticklish, except on my knees.

*I’ve come to love my big cheeks.  It makes me, Me!

*I love Tucson sunsets and sunrises (though I rarely see sunrises).

Tucson Sunsets

I LOVE when the sky looks like this!

* As a child, I moved all over the place in Arizona.

* I was born in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico and lived there up until I was 5.

* I love carrot cake, ice cream, and chips with salsa.

* I am in love with the beach, but I prefer warm beaches.

San Diego Fun

San Diego; I prefer warm beaches though.

* I don’t like cooking, but my dishes come out good. 🙂

* Do not talk to me in the morning.  I’m moody and I need silence.  I prefer to be a night owl.

* I hope to someday meet Shakira.

* I love reading.

*My husband and I spend way too much money on eating out.  A habit we have been trying to stop.

Las Vegas Night

Show and dinner in Las Vegas

* Another bad habit: I bite my nails.

* I love taking pictures of everything.

* I’m an Arizona Wildcat for life.  Studied at University of Arizona. Bear Down!


*My husband grew an organic garden.  I don’t touch it or else every plant would die.

* I love to exercise, yet I sometimes struggle with motivation to get myself to the gym.

* My 5’2 size sometimes makes me feel intimidated, but I LOVE being short.

In a Wedding

This is why I like wearing heels to weddings. Short status. Though the boots looked cute!


* I love the smell of rain.

* I spend way too much time online.

* I color code my closet.

* I’m a 90’s kid.  I still love to watch Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and Friends.

* I hate washing dishes.

* I love having conversations and helping people.


Our marriage is full of these random funny moments.




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