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Overcome Your Obstacles For A Better Future

Written by Edith Rodriguez


Obstacles are those things that prevent us from reaching our dreams.  How many of you have failed reaching your dreams because of them?   I know I have!  Many times.  In fact, no one can escape obstacles in life.  We all face them no matter how much faith we have.    Have you ever heard this quote?:



Obstacles discourage and stop us from reaching our dreams.  We’re meant to live a fruitful life of prosperity.  Every moment we live is just waiting for us to enter a good situation and to have a positive life change.  But we need to have a bigger and better vision and we have to be willing to pay the price.


How many of us can visualize a better marriage?  Better health?  A better future?  These good things all come with a price.  Are you willing to pay it?  Are you determined to succeed?  Every vision, every dream, every goal, and every plan will be tough and we need to work hard to reach our destination.


Most good things in life don’t just happen.  There is no free road to our dreams but if it’s important to us, than we must be willing to do whatever it takes to get there no matter the amount of time or work it takes.  Again, we have to be willing to pay the price if we really want it.





Why we fail to overcome obstacles:


  1. We see the obstacles bigger than they are

Whatever problem we face becomes a giant in our eyes, leading to intimidation.  We start to feel incompetent and doubt our abilities to overcome the giants that present themselves.  Our mistake is that as soon as we feel  the destination towards our dreams is too difficult because of our big giants, we give up and aren’t willing to pay the price.   We prefer the easy way and stay within our comfort zone, even if it’s not making us happy.

2. We see the obstacles stronger than us

We doubt ourselves and start comparing ourselves to others.  Suddenly everyone has those mastery skills to do what we can’t do.  We just aren’t strong enough to deal with the situation or smart enough to carry on.  The obstacle becomes stronger than us.  Our mind becomes weak and we suddenly lose the battle.

How do we overcome our obstacles?


1.  Get encouraged by your obstacles

Most people who have reached their dreams have also come across many obstacles.  Many failed repeatedly.  But what many of these people did, was use their failures and obstacles as the drive that encouraged them to get back up and try again.  We need to see every obstacle as a learning opportunity to grow.  Let obstacles encourage you to push harder.  Remember, if you really want it you need to be willing to pay the price.

2. You need perseverance and determination

Do you think Michael Jordan became one of the best in basketball history only because he was good?  Of course not!  Michael Jordan has said that he missed many shots and failed over and over, but his perseverance and determination led to his success.  When we want to reach our dreams, we have to be willing to push those obstacles aside and keep pushing towards our goal.  We need a lot of determination and perseverance.  We have to be willing to not give up when our giants start appearing.  “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it”-Michael Jordan




3. We need to change our mindset

Don’t let obstacles be the giant, YOU be the giant.  Know that you are capable of facing any situation because you are more important than it.  Know that you were made to succeed and that you were born with the strength to face any problem that appears.  See your problems as a cockroach that all you need to do is step on.  When you see yourself as the giant, you will be less willing to give up.  It will be harder to get discouraged.  You have to start believing that you are bigger than your obstacles, not your obstacles bigger than you!


4.  We need to have a positive attitude

No one nor anything can shape your attitude.  Only you have the power to do that.  As we go through life and work towards our dreams, we are responsible to how we react.  Do we choose to stress out and worry or do we choose to have faith that everything will work out according to God’s plan?  Do we choose to believe everything will be okay and that our perfect future is already planned?   A positive mindset will take you further than negative thoughts.   No matter how impossible your dreams may look, or how slow the process is happening, keep going!  Sometimes what we can’t see is about to happen.  A positive attitude will destroy the obstacles that cross your path.


5.  We need to be grateful

Take spiritual time to be thankful for your live’s path and even for the obstacles you face.  What we go through is a moment to enjoy.  Sit back, give your worries to God and enjoy the ride.





Speak Victory Over Your Life

Think about the obstacles you are facing in life now.  Have you made them bigger and stronger than they are?  Have you given the obstacles the ability to discourage you?  Are you giving them the power to stop you from reaching your highest potential?


I encourage you to become the giant!  Start speaking victory over your life.  Start living your dream and squash all those obstacles as if they were cockroaches.  Be conscious about your way of thinking and how you face life.  Start speaking positive words and hug your dreams as tight as you can.   Life won’t be perfect and neither will you, but a positive outlook will get you far!


This is how you feel after you finish a race in life with many obstacles.  Pure joy!

This is how you feel after you finish a race in life with many obstacles. Pure joy! (excuse the blurriness)


May you start facing your obstacles as the giant you are.   Please share with me what obstacles you are overcoming or feel free to share with me how this post helped you.  And if it helped you or benefited you in any way please email it or share it via social media buttons under this post so that others can benefit from reading it.


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