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My One Word for 2015: Health

Written by Edith Rodriguez

This year instead of setting too many New Year’s Resolutions that I might end up breaking, I decided to choose a focus word for the year.


My intention is to take this word and drill it into my thoughts and create habits to help me reach the goals intended behind the word.


In the past I would write New Year’s resolutions that I somehow failed at by the second or third month. At the end of the year I’d regret that I didn’t keep them.


In the most current years, I stopped writing them down and would just have a list in the back of my mind but also failed at keeping them.


Even though a minimum of people actually follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, I believe they are possible to reach, but a lot of will is needed. Without it, those goals aren’t reached.


Other times, we have so many resolutions that it becomes a factor of trying to keep up with them.


Because of this reason, I decided that I would pick just one word to focus my life on this year. Then I’d make a plan with smaller goals to accomplish my word.


It took me two weeks to come up with a word that I felt suited my needs. First, I was debating between two words: self-control and fearlessness.


I wanted to be able to control the way I eat, control the way I think and control my life in general. But I also wanted to focus on being fearless in 2015. Now that I’m seeking to get back into my teaching career, I need that fearlessness in me to take over. I want to try new things in my life and be fearless at making new friends in this city I am still not associated with.


But as the next week came up, I struggled to decide between one of the two words and they somehow didn’t seem to be the most important thing I needed in my life.


My Word

Then one day as I read scripture I came across the word ‘health’ and knew at that instant it was my word. This includes having a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy spirit. Plus I can add having a healthy marriage and relationships.


This year when I created my blog, my intention was to write about healing those same three areas: mind, body, and spirit. This was important to me because without healing how can we be healthy? How can we be happy when we aren’t taking care of ourselves?


In my life, I expect to be a healthy person by healing myself. I know that if I grow in health, I will grow in so many ways in my life, especially in having joy.


In this life we can have everything or nothing at all. But our biggest challenges sometimes come when we are facing health issues. Whether it be a health diagnoses in our bodies or a mental diagnoses, our lives become a mess when this area of our lives is not controlled by our trying to make it better and without faith.


When I look at my specific reasons I choose to focus on ‘health’ this year, I find many reasons.


It’s time for me to take care of my body by feeding it proper foods and keeping it fit. It’s time for me to control the hormones that make PCOS worse. Time to crush down infertility! For my body, I also want to take care of the physical aspect by getting fit and by using products that keep me looking fresh and young, along with healthy habits. If I want to live a long and healthy life, then I need to start making changes.


For my mind, I want to teach myself to have a healthy perspective in life. I want to have healthy thoughts and to be a person with determination.


The most important form of health I want is spiritual health. I want to have a joyful heart and strengthened faith. I want to depend on my Father for all I need in my life. My hope is to become a thankful person who has the greatest amount of love for not only others but also for myself, because how would I love others if I didn’t love myself?


My next step is to write some goals and start practicing habits that will help me accomplish health, my one word this year. I’m excited to try this new practice for my life. I plan to put up quotes in my house and to read what I can about health in all three areas mentioned.


I know that with determination my health goal can be reached. When December 2105 is here, I plan to look back surprised at all the changes that happened in my life from focusing on my word.


But I’m also a resolution lover, so I will still write a list and maybe check up on it every month to help me reach my other goals. And if I fail, I won’t feel bad because I will still have accomplished my One Word.


As to the other two words I wanted to pick, well who says I can’t still practice them when I most need them?


Here’s to a healthy 2015 to all my friends, family, and everyone reading this post. Actually, may there be health for everyone in this world!


Have a wonderful new year filled with blessings, love, and health!


Have you ever picked one word to focus on for the year? Did it work better than having resolutions? What did you notice happened in your life as you focused on one word? Please do share with me, what word are you picking and why?


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Edith Rodriguez

Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.


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