Family Love

Memories With Grandpa

Written by Edith Rodriguez


The man who leaves wonderful memories of our childhood that make us smile.

Memories of him on his tricycle selling delicious corn cocktail, that made waiting worthwhile.


Mornings of him in the kitchen making milk candy he would prepare.

And waking up to him poking our ears and nose with our own hair.


We will never forget his beautiful smile or laugh.

Or the image of him falling asleep while sitting on the couch.


We’ll never forget every time we had to repeat and scream everything so he could hear us.

Or the morning rides on his bike when he took us to the school bus.


We remember the nicknames he called us by instead of our name.

And the image of him tripping us in a playful manner with his cane.


We remember every  hug and every scolding he gave us from time to time.

Most of all, we have the image of  those loving eyes that had a beautiful shine.


Grandpa, we take you in our hearts.

Thank you for your love.

Thank you for making us laugh.

Thank you for leaving great memories behind.

Your granddaughters love you.  See you in paradise.



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Edith Rodriguez

Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.


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