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Making Friends With Strangers

making friends with strangers
Written by Edith Rodriguez

This week my friend came to visit me in California and with our trip to Cancun in mind in a couple of weeks, we decided to follow our fitness and hike the Hollywood Trails.  This day turned out to be more fun than we could imagine.  Not only did we spend time together catching up with our friendship, but we also made a new friend with a friendly stranger from Sweden.


I’ve been to the Hollywood sign before but there are various trails that lead you to different areas and view of it.  We decided to start the trail at Griffith Observatory not realizing how long it would take to get to the Hollywood sign.  During one point, the trail split into two and we weren’t sure which to take.  We decided to ask the girl behind us if she knew the way.



Turns out this stranger we asked is a girl from Sweden who we spent the rest of trail with.  Intrigued about Sweden and her travels, my friend and I were interested in asking questions.  We quickly discovered she spoke Swedish, English, and best of all Spanish which we could relate to.


It became a fun journey of conversation, picture-taking, and sweat breaking!  Together we made our way through the trails, at times almost falling, in fact-I happened to land on my butt of course but glad I didn’t get hurt.  It was easy to share about our lives and lead conversations.


After more than 8 miles of hiking, sore legs, and hungry stomach, we still didn’t have enough of each other.  We decided to meet up at night to go dancing and go with our new friend.  We didn’t find a great place for dancing on a Tuesday night, but we found a small bar where we spent a bit of time dancing and enjoying the night.  It was probably one of the most random things we’ve done in a really long time, partying on a Tuesday with the stranger we just met that morning.  Despite it being a calm night, we had a good time.


making friends with strangers


Forget the Saying, Don’t Talk to Strangers

Remember the saying from our parents, “Don’t talk to strangers!“?  It’s not always the best thing to do once you’re an adult.  I’m not one to easily go around and talk to strangers or show up alone to a place and talk to the person next to me.  But after spending the day with our new friend Anna, I discovered how fun it can be to befriend new people.  Of course I know I always have to practice safety, but after today I discovered I want to go places and make friends with people I meet.


This event alone encouraged me try to talk to strangers more often, especially when we travel.  I never knew how fun it could be to befriend someone who is also looking to have a good time.  This day taught me how interesting other people’s lives are and how fun it can be to talk to people who are alike and so different from us.  After sharing this post last week, today helped me realize that I can get out there and make new friends whether it be volunteering, in a new job, church, at an event, or wherever.


Talking and making friends with strangers is definitely fun!

making friends with strangers


making friends with strangers


Are you the type who talks to random strangers?  Have any of them become your really close friends or do you still keep up communication with them?


Thanks for a great time Anna! 

making friends with strangers

photo by Anna

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