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How I Lost 15 Pounds in One Month

Written by Edith Rodriguez

A few days ago I walked out of the gym feeling extremely proud of myself!  It marked 31 days since I began my One Word of the year, health, and I had lost 15 pounds in one month already.


Here’s the thing, for years I’ve unfortunately been on a “yo-yo diet”.  It’s been a long and strong battle against my addictions to sugar and basically all junk food.  It has led to weight gain which I then lose.  Then the cycle repeats itself.


Finally I scared myself when I stepped on the scale and weighed the highest I have ever been.  Almost 40 pounds over my healthy weight range for a short 5’2 girl!  I couldn’t believe I had allowed so much weight to creep up on my body.  I knew I wasn’t healthy because I was feeling the effects of being overweight, but I was not paying attention to how much weight I was gaining in the process.


weight loss

Me the weekend before starting my weight-loss journey



The problem was I had gained weight earlier this year when I fell into depression.  Later, I gained more from leading a sedentary lifestyle and not caring about what I was putting in my mouth.  Ever since knowing I fight a battle against PCOS and wacky hormones, I have tried to be careful what I eat and have exercised, but somehow I stopped doing both.


A New Beginning

This year I began with the greatest determination I have ever had compared to other years in my choice to be healthy.   So even though I have failed before, I know this year will be different.


Why? I made a commitment to be healthy this year as my only resolution.  Also, when I started my blog I  wanted to focus on health, so I need to be leading a healthy lifestyle again.   On top of that, I wrote my goals on a blog post for all to see, so now I feel accountable to succeeding and showing my improvements in health and how to do so.


How was it that I lost 15 pounds in one month?

Because I was lacking will-power, I knew I had to be extreme and take on a challenge that would show big results towards my health.


Because I rely on my faith for everything I do, I decided to do a Daniel Fast for spiritual and health purposes.  I wanted overall health: mind, body, and spirit (the main topics of my blog).  You can read more about this challenge here


During the Daniel Fast I lost 12 lbs and the remaining 10 days was slower but I lost 3 more.  First I’ll quickly list what helped me lose 12 lbs in 21 days.  Then I’ll list what I’ve been doing since completing the fast that also has led to weight-loss.


21 day Daniel Fast-Complete Eliminations

  1. Cut out sugars (except from fruit) and occasionally used honey in smoothies
  2. No meat
  3. No dairy
  4. No chemicals, processed foods, additives, or anything fake whatsoever
  5. No white breads or grains, only true whole wheat
  6. Didn’t work out much.  Proof that food is the main way to lose weight over exercise.


This was extreme, I know!


It was beyond difficult and I risked gaining all that weight back when the fast was over. That’s why this is not the way to lose weight unless you’re spiritually ready to do so because its not just about weight loss, it’s spiritual. So in my fear to go back to unhealthy habits, I decided to really commit and continue my health journey and for once stick to it!


Me after losing 12 lbs



In my Daniel Fast Challenge post, I talk about the results and how I felt.  All around, I felt extremely good about myself which led to me continuing my health journey but with some changes.  Here they are:

Post 21 day Daniel Fast-The 10 following days:

  1. Added chicken and fish back to my diet
  2. Increase my veggie intake
  3. Still not eating fake foods with MSG, chemicals, additives, etc
  4. Still no sweets, only honey
  5. Added occasional red meat and cheeses
  6. My meals are smaller because I get fuller faster
  7. Eating a low carb diet
  8. Eating organic
  9. Working out 4-5x a week


My Work-outs

  • Weight training (Body Pump Class) 3x a week
  • 30 Minute cardio each time I go to the gym
  • 2x a week: Body Combat class


So after losing less weight the following 10 days, I didn’t blame it on adding my proteins back or  that I splurged a few times on some foods that were supposed to be a no!


On the contrary, I don’t worry about the number on a scale because I care more about the results I’m seeing when my clothes keeps feeling more loose.  I care more about the muscle weight I may be gaining as I burn and loose fat.  I care more about the toned arms, legs, and butt I am getting from body pump class.  And I care more about my breathing, my lungs, and heart as I complete my cardio each day.  The weight will slowly keep falling off and I know that will happen by taking care of myself.  My priority is health, the weight-loss is a plus.


In Summary

I lost weight through eating more veggies, cutting sugar and grains, eating lean protein, and cutting fake foods out of my diet.   I was extreme but I saw results and plan to keep eating healthy.



Future Goals

I have a long journey until I’m at my ideal healthy weight, but it’s okay!


My mind is set on a new goal this year and I’m already seeing results.  Physically I already feel stronger, fit, and healthy. Mentally, I feel happier, more motivated, and my dreams are becoming clearer.  Spiritually, I’m listening to God’s voice guiding me as I take care of my body, especially when I go through intense cravings or lack will-power.  My body has gone through healing in just this month, and I am grateful for it.


I’m grateful for this journey because it’s teaching me so much about my body and healthy eating.   I’ve always had a passion for health and fitness and have always worked out and ‘tried’ to eat healthy but yet have failed.  This time I’m ready to take everything I already know about health and implement it into my life.


One may think or imagine I’d fail again as I have before and that 15 pounds is not a big deal, but it is.  Every change counts.  The difference this time is I have committed myself to just One Word to focus on! Just one! Health.  This time,  I’m holding on to God’s hand for guidance so I continue on with my journey and wish you the best on yours.


My only advice is to leave one thing you may feel addicted to.  It may be soda, a certain snack, or sugar and then also add a bit of fitness and you will see the changes taking place.  Start small and then take it from there.



Working out with my sister



What about you?

Have any of you ever yo-yo dieted?  What are you planning to do different this year to see results?  Or have any of you ever been extreme like me with the Daniel Fast, and succeeded at keeping the weight off afterwards?  I would love to know about your journey and how you are approaching things differently this year.


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This post does not provide weight-loss advice.  It is my personal experience.  Weight loss results will vary from person to person.  The content is not intended in any way as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding weight-loss.  


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