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Letting Go of Food Guilt

letting go of food guilt
Written by Edith Rodriguez

“Just sixteen chips.” I told myself when my husband arrived with chips to eat with salsa.  “Sixteen like the serving size suggests.”


Turns out those sixteen chips turned into 16 times 3.   I knew as I was eating them that I needed to stop.  Just two days ago I refreshed my health journey with new fitness and health goals and there I was, eating away as my mind battled inside with one voice telling me to stop and the other to keep going.  You already know what voice I chose to listen to.


My excuse was that these chips were organic, with no preservatives or MSGs.  At least that’s why my mind chose to believe it was okay.  But was this really a valid excuse to use when I had just committed to low sugar, and almost no junk food for the next couple of months?  Possibly longer.  I had told myself I would only eat a  limited amount of desserts or snacks like these once in a while, but there I was, failing at my new goal.


Letting Go of Food Guilt


I felt so horrible that night for allowing myself to slip.  Guilt filled my mind, disappointment in myself kept screaming, and I eventually felt moody over it.


After about an hour, still feeling a bit disappointed in myself for not having self-control when I had just committed to a new plan, I decided to forgive myself for slipping.  I didn’t want to go to sleep feeling bad about my lack of self-control and will-power.  I wanted to be at peace with my choices and know that tomorrow would be a new day to begin clean again.


And though that sounds like something I’ve done so many times in my health journey (to start over once more), I can’t stay angry at myself for failing yet again.  Controlling PCOS and managing my weight is important to me because I want to be at my best health, and I will start over as many times as I have to for achieving this.   It hasn’t been easy.  I get many temptations like overdoing it with chips, especially when I’m being more strict with my health goals, but I keep going.


When we set health and fitness goals for ourselves, they become like any other goal we try to reach.  We will encounter many failures before we reach a point that where we no longer struggle.  Like in sports, education, music or any other area where we must encounter failures before we finally perfect.


letting go of food guilt


I’m not one to stay feeling guilty or ashamed of my slip ups with food.  There’s no point in feeling bad because it already happened.  But I am one to reflect on how I can improve and remind myself that it can’t happen again.


I immediately choose to let go of the mistake and forgive myself for not controlling my cravings and over-indulgences.  If I allow myself dwell on my guilty pleasure, I would probably become mad and scream and insult myself (mentally of course).


I don’t ever want to live that way!  Criticizing myself every time I make a mistake in my goals.  I don’t want to feel like a failure because of my own-self judgement.  Instead, I want to rise above my mistakes and continue to press forward to reach my goals.


So I encourage you, next time you feel this way after failing and eating the foods you said you wouldn’t, stop being so harsh on yourself and like Elsa sings, let it go.  Don’t hurt yourself with words about how you failed.  No!  Encourage yourself to continue no matter how many times you fail.  Even if it’s once or twice or a million times daily, keep going.  You will eventually learn to have self-control and be on your way to your healthiest person yet.  Letting go of food guilt will allow you to feel freedom instead of chained to your mistakes.  So let go and press on.


How do you do when you lack self-control?  Do you punish yourself for your slip ups?  Do you let go of your mistakes and push yourself to do better the next day?  Have you ever found yourself criticizing and yelling at yourself for failing yet again?  Please share with how you handle your food guilt…


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Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.


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