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Lessons Learned From Having A Large Family

Written by Edith Rodriguez

Youngest sister’s wedding.



Growing up with 4 sisters was not easy.  Drama and fighting over silly things filled our home environment.   Strong personalities would try to dominate and boss the others.  A hectic and chaotic home life filled our every day adventures.


Dad must have kept on trying to have a boy since him and Mom decided to stop having kids after 5 girls.  When I was younger, there were times I wished there weren’t that many of us because of all the arguing that happened.  Now, I wouldn’t have it any other way!


Having a large family taught me many life lessons that can either be pros or cons.  Either way, I love my big family and it has been a crazy but fun journey having them all in my life.


This is what I learned from having a big family:


1.  I don’t like silence

With 7 people in one living room, someone was always talking.  Watching t.v was barely possible because someone was always voicing their opinion about something.  It wasn’t until the late hours of the night when everyone was asleep that I could finally hear my thoughts.  I got so used to being around family, voices, and noise that it became part of my personality.  I don’t like long days of not seeing anyone or hearing anyone’s voice.


2. I became a protector

No matter how much my sisters got on my nerves, if someone tried hurting them I turned into the hulk.  Somehow in the midst of living with sisters I fought with, I learned to defend them no matter what because they were all I had.  I still feel this way today.


3. I voice my opinion

With so many of us sharing everything, I had to learn to voice my opinion or else I’d just be a speck in the room.  If I wanted to watch a show, I had to voice it.  If someone borrowed something without asking, I had to voice the fact I was upset or else It’d happen again.  Now as an adult, I have to be careful when voicing my opinion when I disagree with something to avoid being rude.  Other times, it has helped me get my way in life.


4. Learned to be productive in the middle of chaos

Getting things done in silence or in a quiet corner was impossible!  I didn’t even know what that was.  Homework was done where everyone else was at.  Now, I prefer to get things done when others are around.  If there is silence, I can’t focus. I’ll get bored!  An example would be cleaning, watching t.v, or even reading!


5. Learned to Save

Because we were a large family, my parents struggled economically.  They weren’t necessarily the best at saving or with their finances, but they did what they could.  This in turn, taught me to be very careful how I spend my money so I won’t go through the same economic hardships.


6. I have a hard time with patience

You would think I’d have patience after living with so many people, but it didn’t turn out that way.  Waiting for the restroom took forever.  Understanding my sisters was hard.  When they ruined your toys or clothes it was horrible.  Now, I struggle at being patient with other people because I never had the patience growing up.


7. Learned to be thankful for what I have

We didn’t have many expensive things growing up, but we always had what was necessary.  As crazy and as annoying as we were, we had each other.  We had health, we had food, and we had God.  As an adult, I have become very thankful that I still have these things.  I have also learned to be thankful of the things I can now afford.



Today, if you came into our house when we are all together, you would walk into a chaotic room of everyone talking over each other.  Silence only lasts a few seconds.  Watching a movie together is nearly impossible.  You would see most of us still voicing our opinion about everything.  We sometimes have no patience for each other yet you would see us defend each other from outsiders who try to hurt someone.  You would see us picking at each other and still falling into conversations that can lead to getting upset.  But you would also see us laughing about the craziest things and reminiscing our past.  You would see love that pours out as we laugh.  Kids would be running around and playing with their aunts.  Topics of conversations would make you think we are weird!  You would see a fun but loud room of people who care deeply about each other.


Our family not only has five sisters anymore.  There are now five more men in our lives and my dad finally has five sons.  All five of them are very calm and quiet.  They stare at us like crazy women when they see us all together.  There are also six kids who have joined into this family.  They also enjoy being part of this loud and wild family and add to the fun.  As to Mom and Dad, they just keep enjoying this ever-growing family. 🙂


What lessons have you learned from your family dynamics?  Were you an only child? Do you come from a big family?


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  • I enjoyed reading this from a mom’s standpoint. I have 7 children, 4 girls and 3 boys. I sometimes wonder A)what are they learning in a bog family (I have no idea since I’m the oldest of 3) and B)What will this look like years from now. My prayer is that not only will they be the best of friends, but they will welcome each new “sister” or “brother” who comes into the family.

    • That’s awesome that you can see the perspective of a daughter/son. Wow! You have an even bigger family! How fun that must be. You know, as a daughter of a big family it was hard but it was always fun! Us siblings made many memories together and even when we have our issues we became super closed. You become like a little clan who protects each other. I’m sure your kids will make and have wonderful memories. Thanks for stopping by!

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