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How to Avoid Feeling Lonely

Written by Edith Rodriguez

how to avoid feeling lonely


My fingers have itched to write a post after being busy with family for almost three weeks.  This was an affirmation that blogging really is something I have come to love after starting almost a year ago.  Anyway, I’m happy to be back and typing.


The last three weeks have been amazing!  In fact, they were so amazing that I had some sad moments this week when all the amazing-ness ended.


As I’ve mentioned before, I moved to California 10 months ago.  My family is in Tucson, and though I visit quite often, it’s never enough.  It so happens my family came to visit me the month of March.  First one sister came, then the next sister, then I went to Tucson.  Brought my mom with me for a few days.  Then returned to Tucson.  Followed by a trip to Mexico to see my husband’s family.  Then on our way back stopped in Tucson again before returning to California.  It’s been a long, busy,  but happy three weeks!


Suddenly, it was all over and reality set in.  I was back to missing my family.  Back to having few friends and not much to do.  I had spent almost three weeks having fun visiting theme parks, discovering LA, and having conversations with family.  Imagine how lonely I felt after I no longer had their company!  Just the day before, I had told my husband I didn’t want to come back and feel sad nor focus on how lonely it can feel to be away.  I had just told him I wanted to get home and start fresh with a positive mindset.  And there I was Tuesday, crying my eyes out as I missed my family.  There I was with feelings of loneliness that I did not want to feel.


So, I am making it my mission this week to avoid focusing on feelings of loneliness.  My focus this year has been to be healthy from the inside out.  Meaning I need to have a positive mindset to have a joyful spirit.


I started to reflect on those ways I have helped myself avoid feelings of loneliness in the past and I will be practicing them this week.  I don’t want those three amazing weeks to have a negative afterward effect on my feelings.




How to Avoid Feeling Lonely

Whether you do or don’t have a partner to share your home with, loneliness can still set in. Even when we are surrounded by friends and people we love, feelings of loneliness will steal your happiness away.  It sneaks into our lives making us feel we are alone when we really aren’t.  So how can we avoid feeling lonely?


1.  Seek out to people

When I first moved, I felt depressed and lonely.  I recognize part of the reason was I was expecting my friends and family to reach out to me, not realizing that in friendship it’s a two-way responsibility.  Friends and family get extremely busy and we can’t expect them to know how we feel at an exact time.  When I realized this, I stopped waiting for them to seek me first.  We are now able to communicate better and more often, especially through Facebook Messenger.


2. Spend quality time with your significant other, friend, co-worker, someone

Make time!  Time to chat, time for fun, time to be together.  Sometimes we feel lonely yet do nothing about it.  I am guilty of that sometimes still.  I feel lonely, so I seclude myself and feel even more lonely.  But this behavior just makes me feel worse.  I have to be conscious about what I am feeling and make it a point to plan a date with my husband or seek out a friend.  That last part is harder because I haven’t made many friends since I haven’t worked in my time here, but I am working on that .  But if it’s not possible to meet, at least text or call them.


3.  Go out, do something, work out, surround yourself with people

Sometimes all we need is to be around others even when we don’t know them.  This is one of the reasons I enjoy gym workout classes.  Small talk with a stranger could be nice.  Being around others who enjoy the same activities as you is always a pleasure.  Make it a point to be around others, to people watch, to enjoy the company of strangers.  This isn’t easy to accomplish if you’re not in the mood or an introvert, but sometimes all we need is the company of others when we’ve been secluded for too long.


4.  Seek God

Sometimes loneliness is felt even when others are in our life.  This is when we realize no one can fill us.  Only God can do this.  When I feel lonely, I know only He can fill that void.  It’s when I feel distant from Him that I start feeling lonely again.




I’m thinking there are so many of us who fall into this trap of feeling lonely sometimes.  Especially when you are home, as housewife or house mom.  It’s easy to start feeling negative as we see the same boring walls all day long.  This is why it’s so important to get out.  Sit outside in the sun!  Let the sun’s rays shine on your face and bring that smile back.  Call or meet up with a friend.  Anything.  Because loneliness will eat away from your happiness and this is when we become unhealthy all around.


How do you avoid feeling lonely?  What are some things you do when you start to notice you are feeling alone?  Please share so I can learn.  My go to place has been my computer because I am able to express myself, but other ideas would be wonderful!




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