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9 Ways to Keep Marriage Fun

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Written by Edith Rodriguez


As I was reflecting on why I think my marriage is so beautiful to me,  I had a flash of images scroll through my mind.  The moments that were most memorable were those of times we were having fun.  Our relationship started at a very young age and somehow we made it work.  What is it that has kept us together and in love apart from respect, love, and support?  We have made sure to make it fun throughout the years.


Though our marriage isn’t perfect and there are times when our marriage can start to seem dull, we always make an effort to put excitement into it.  Marriage isn’t easy.  Spouses have to make an effort to make the relationship fun and interesting.  This list is based on what my husband and I do to keep our marriage fun.  I’m sure there are a thousand more ways.  Here are a few:


1.  Say I Love You Daily 

Simply saying these words allow the other person to know that you care and are there for them.   These words bring comfort and satisfaction to your spouse.  Don’t just say it out of habit, but really mean it.  Let them know why you love them. Recognize the efforts they do for you, such as breakfast in bed and let them know you love them for doing that.  When your spouse comes home from work, let them know you love them because they are such hard workers.  Saying I love you daily will keep you both feeling complete and happy.


2. Date Night or Daytime Date

One of the best ways to have real conversation time with your spouse is to have date nights.  You can also go on a date during the day.   Spending time together and alone allows you to share stories with each other.  It allows you to have a time to laugh about situations and to share dreams and hopes.  Do this once a week. Go out to dinner, breakfast, dancing, to a museum, or a theatre.  A date does not need to be expensive.  It can be a trip for ice-cream, a trip to the farmer’s market while holding hands,  or an afternoon sitting at the park while having a picnic.  A date can simply be going out to exercise by taking a walk somewhere and having a conversation.   This is a time to enjoy and cherish each other. Don’t forget to put the phone away.


3. Small Trips 

Get away from the many stresses that life throws your way by picking a weekend to get out of routine.  Drive to a city an hour away.  Go to the nearest National Park or mountain that you can hike.  Getting away from routine will make the relationship more exciting.  Making memories is what you will remember as the years pass.    Many couples stop doing this to save money, but there are so many ways a day trip can be done frugally.  Do some research, then go out and have fun and even bring the kids along.


4. Send Each Other Messages

When you are apart from each other send some text messages, emails, or picture messages.  Slip a note into your spouses lunch or into their car for when they leave to work in the morning.  My greatest memories come from times I have gotten into my car and found a chocolate bar with a note from my husband telling me that he loved me.  It made my day start so much better!  Send some sexy playful messages that will get your spouse excited to come home, building the anticipation of seeing each other.  Doing this keeps you connected as a couple and keeps the relationship fresh like when you first got married.


5. Play Around

My husband and I somehow imagine we are UFC fighters.  I believe he thinks I’m Ronda Rousey and that I can take him on while rough housing.  He’s gentle enough that I don’t get hurt, but we play around by having our mini match times.  Now this might not be the best way to play around for everyone, but there are other ways to do so.  Tickling each other, chasing each other around the house,  dancing around, and getting some cake frosting on their face are other ways to do so. Just remember to not get mad if you lose while playing.Think of ways to make each other laugh.   My husband makes me laugh by doing the weirdest dances at the most random times.  Go on, be silly!


6. Movie/Show Nights

Movie nights are a great way to have cuddle time with your spouse.  Cut up some fresh fruit or get some popcorn and enjoy this time with your partner.  Pick a movie that you both like. As you watch the movie, you can rub your spouse’s head or massage their back while they sit in front of you. You can even hold hands like you did back when you were boyfriend and girlfriend and went to the movie theatres.  It’s all about enjoying this time together.


7. Surprise Each Other

Keep the sparks flaming with little surprises to each other.  This can be a small chocolate bar with a note, cooking your spouses favorite meal, tickets to an event, flowers just because, or a small gift.  This makes you feel loved not because you are receiving something, but because you know the person took the time to do this for you.  Think about what your spouse likes.  Make an effort to surprise them with it.


8. Try Something New

Keep your marriage interesting by trying new things together.  You can go snowboarding, dancing, skating, cooking, or a take a class.  Doing something new together will allow you to share these learning moments and to support each other in the process.  This will help you grow as a couple.  It will also help you discover new things that you may  like.  My husband and I have discovered so many things about each other by doing this, such as what we love, don’t love, strengths and weaknesses.  Pick something new and random that you can both try.  Go discover new things together!


9. Keep Intimacy Fun

Not much to explain.  Skip routine and spark intimacy with some fun.  I’ll let you define what is fun for yourselves.



If you notice your relationship a little dull, pick something on this list and get started.  Bring back the fun into your marriage!



How do you make your marriage fun?  Leave me a comment with some ideas that you can share with me. 🙂 I would love to hear them.

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