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7 Ways To Be A Blessing To Someone

Written by Edith Rodriguez

Random acts of kindness people do for us are sure to put a smile on our face.  Two days ago was definitely the day people wanted to bless my husband and I with small  and random things.


We went to the Los Angeles County fair and when we were purchasing tickets, a family with kids asked us to take a picture of them.  After taking the picture, one of the family members turned and asked us if we liked the artist playing at the fair as he took out some tickets.  It took us a while to answer since we aren’t huge fans and don’t listen to this type of music very often, but there’s a few songs we’ve enjoyed.    We nodded yes and he handed us the tickets.


Even though we are not big fans, we are always up for doing random adventures.   We thought going to the concert could be fun and it was.  My husband and I really enjoy movies that involve dancing, and this concert was definitely an all dancing show.  It made our night more fun!


At the concert, the people in front of us had bought A LOT of snacks, junk food, and drinks.  They randomly turned to us and asked if we wanted a churro (fried doughnut pastry).  We thought it was weird to take food from a stranger and we just said “no, thank you.”  But they kept insisting that we take it, so we did.  Then they handed us some licorice as well.  What can I say? We ended up really enjoying the snacks also.


These two random acts of kindness truly made me smile.   Spontaneous gifts are always so nice.  Giving us tickets allowed us to enjoy a show we weren’t expecting to see and the giving of snacks allowed us to please our taste buds.  This got me to thinking how blessed I have been throughout my life by people who have chosen to give me something for nothing in exchange.  Whether it be their time, a monetary item, food, note, a compliment or even a smile that people give, they have caused me to have a cheerful and thankful heart.


When I was younger and my family was going through monetary struggles, we were blessed that people were kind enough to give to Salvation Army who then gave us Christmas gifts.  We also received Christmas gifts from our school, meaning teachers were kind enough to buy them.


As an adult, I’ve received many things that have made me smile.  I have arrived to a coffee and doughnut at work that was placed at my desk by a co-worker.   As a teacher, I have received many kindness gifts from students.  They have given me things such as a pictures, apples, chocolate bars, beautifully written notes, and some big gifts.  Some parents of these kids also have blessed me with gifts such as food, gift cards, and thank you notes.


My friends have made us (husband and I) some delicious foods they cooked.  A friend once came over and made chicken soup when I was sick.   I can’t forget my husband.  He does many acts of kindness for me all the time!


Random people have let me go before them in grocery lines, complimented me, given me discounts without me asking for one, held the door for me and many more.


Every act of kindness I have received, I have taken it as a blessing.  All these people have blessed me with their time, their friendship, with gifts and with words.  These people take their time to be kind  and make me feel happiness with those small but thoughtful gestures they have done.


In return, I have always tried to be a blessing to people in different ways.  Just like I felt joy receiving something from them, I also feel joy giving.  It gives me pleasure to know that I can bring a smile and brighten someone’s day with a small gesture.  It feels good to know that whichever person or cause I help, someone will be receiving what they have needed.  Because I used to receive Christmas gifts in my school years, I always made sure that as a teacher I always chose a child to bless during Christmas time where I worked.


I once went to an orphanage in Mexico with my church.  I was able to see the joy and emotions the kids experienced as they received new bedding sets for their bunks.  Their emotional tears of joy brought joy right back to me.  I learned so much about blessing others from this experience.


What a blessing we can be when we take the time to make someone’s day better somehow.  It doesn’t matter how small the gesture is, both the giver and the receiver experiences a sense of joy.




1. Give A Listening Ear

Take the time to listen to a friend or family member in need. Sometimes all they want is just someone to listen to how they feel about something.  Being there for them will be something that they feel appreciative of.


2. Use Your Resources

This one has an endless list of ideas we can do.  It can be anywhere from buying someone a cup of coffee to paying someone’s electric bill.  One doesn’t need to be rich to give a monetary blessing to someone.  You can bake some cookies or a delicious recipe and bring some to a co-worker.  You can give an amount of money to help raise money for a cause.  You can use your connections to get someone a discount to new tires or something else.  Pay for the person behind you at a fast food restaurant.  Maybe you even have enough to buy someone a trip (hint, hint 🙂 ).  You never know how much someone may need that one thing you give them.



From my cousin..


3. Give Away What You Don’t Need or Use

I’m the kind of person who likes to hold on to my clothes! It’s hard to get rid of it.  What if I need it for a certain occasion? Well, most of the time I don’t.  I have learned that I find more joy in seeing my family in Mexico wearing clothing I gave them than to see it hanging in my closet.  Find things in your home that you can give away.  Maybe you have some extra purses lying around or too many shoes.  Know that other people will benefit more from having it than your closet will.  Or like the person who handed me tickets, he didn’t need them so he chose to give them away to us rather than taking them home or selling them to us.  What do you have that you can give away instead of selling or keeping?



From a student..


4. Volunteer Time

You can serve food at an orphanage, volunteer time to feed the homeless, help at your church, or help someone at work.  There’s many ways to give your time!  Start with family and move on from there and see who else you can help.  Take time to do special for something for some.



Mini cake from a student’s parent…


5. Write A Note

I think this has been my favorite thing to receive.  Every time my students left me a note on my desk, it brought a smile to me.  When people write me a note just because and tell me something special, I feel instant happiness.  Be a blessing to someone by thanking them for something they do.  Write a note telling them what good workers they are or how special they are.  You will sure make them happy.



note from a student


6. Use Your Words

There are so many people we can motivate and lift up with just a sincere compliment.  Someone may have needed a simple “you’re great at this” to feel better about themselves.  Maybe someone is having a rough day, and a compliment can brighten their day up.  I think sometimes people hold back from telling someone the positive things they think about them.  I’m not sure why we do this as adults, but know that one word can change someone’s day into a positive one.



nice words from my student to me


7. Lend A Hand

Try to do favors with a cheerful heart.  Do it because you care for them and really want to help.  This one can get a little tricky because sometimes people will depend too much on you for help.  Evaluate what you can do for them and be clear about how much you can help.  Then, do what you can for them.  Maybe someone needs you to babysit or someone needs a ride.  Cook for your spouse when they are busy.  You can be a huge blessing when someone is in desperate need for help, even at the most inconvenient times.



Sister gave me breakfast..arroz con leche


There are many ways to bless someone with small acts of kindness.  When we’re blessed by someone, I don’t think it’s because of luck.  I think it’s because blessings return to us.  When we do things for others, we also reap the benefits of joy.  We experience joy because we somehow made someone’s life better.  When you bless others, God will take care of blessings you right back.


Choose to be a blessing today.


Some Ideas:

1. buy coffee for a co-worker

2. leave a positive note to someone

3. let someone with few items pay before you at store checkout

4. let someone stay in your home on their vacation

5. buy someone a ticket to something (show, concert, movies)

6. help your co-worker with something

7. send someone a special text message

8. listen to someone who’s sad

9. help someone carry groceries

10. give your tokens to a kid (such as at PPP)

11. buy a homeless person a meal

12. donate clothes

13. donate money to charity

14. buy someone dinner

15. give someone flowers for no reason

16. volunteer at a shelter or anywhere else

17. leave the janitor at work a snack or thank you note

18. volunteer at church

19. babysit for free sometimes

20. bake a cake or cook some food and share with others




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Edith Rodriguez

Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.

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