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6 Ways To Take Care of Our Body

Written by Edith Rodriguez


Taking care of our body is something so simple yet we are highly prone to neglecting it.  Whether we have hectic lives or not, we fail to take care of our bodies.  We make excuses that we don’t have time or we’re too tired.  We stress about everything and become restless and struggle with insomnia.


Working out is out of the question because we don’t want to do it alone.   We don’t watch what we eat, skip meals, and buy fast food way too often!


We have read numerous times how important it is to take care of ourselves in order to avoid serious health conditions, and I’m here to remind us once again.   Check out the health benefits of taking care of your body:


1. Exercise

Exercise is the boost of energy we need to activate our body and mind.  It strengthens our bones and muscles.  It relieves stress and makes us stronger.  Exercise helps us have clarity and improves our memory.  Working out helps us gain confidence and it boosts our immune system.  It helps us sleep better and have better sex.  Oh, and it helps us lose weight! Who doesn’t want to have all of these benefits from just half hour of exercise a day?


2. Healthy Eating

This is another energy booster that also gives us a better immune system.  Eating healthy gives us better skin and better memory.  Making healthy choices will help control diseases and avoid certain cancers.  It helps control diabetes, heart disease, bowl movements, and muscle and joint pain.  Eating healthy helps us sleep better and it boosts your mood. Best of all, healthy eating helps makes us look and feel better.


3. Vitamins

Let’s be honest.  It’s impossible to eat healthy every single day or to reach every specified daily amount of vitamins and minerals.  Taking supplements will help you reach your daily goal.   We’ve also read that fruits and vegetables lose some of their nutritional content as they make their way to the store, so we must replenish.  Maybe you have a hormonal imbalance.  Taking vitamins in which you are deficient, will help your body out.


4. Sleeping

Sleeping is another one that improves our memory, thus making us better learners.  Sleeping helps relieve stress by lowering our cortisol levels and it is also known to help us lose weight.  It aids in muscle repair and helps us recover from illness.  Experts recommend eight hours of sleep, so start snoozing.


5. Resting

Now rest doesn’t only mean sitting down to watch t.v.  Rest is taking time away from all things ‘work’.  One way to rest is spending time with family and friends you enjoy.  This helps relieve stress and makes us feel happy.  Rest is also taking our minds off of everything else.  This can be done through daydreaming.  Who wants to go to the beaches of Hawaii right now (in your mind at least)?  You can rest by taking time to do your favorite hobbies: reading, knitting, dancing,  or socializing.  Whatever it is, it makes you happy. You can also rest from physical activity by taking time to relax and breathe slowly.  Slow down!  Aah, doesn’t a massage sound nice right about now?


6. Prayer and Meditation

This is basically another way to rest the body.  Prayer helps us be thankful and joyful.  It helps us listen to our Spirit and know which way to direct our lives.  It helps us discover our needs.  We can then reflect or meditate on the things we prayed about.  Prayer is also known to help restore your life, keep you from temptations, lead you to a path of peace, discover God’s will, heal your body, and many more benefits.


Our bodies are precious.  We will live in them for the rest of our live, so let’s stop neglecting them! Let’s pay attention to what our body needs and let’s improve the way we treat them.  Our future selves will thank us!


How do you take care of your body?



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Edith Rodriguez

Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.

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