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6 Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day
Written by Edith Rodriguez

I love watching chick flick movies with a happy ending, but is it weird that I’m more in love with romantic movies that make me cry?  Actually no, movies that make me sob like a child!  I love a movie with a strong love story and where couples fight to stay together. In reality, in a relationship you will fight to make it work and you will face many struggles together and those are the stories I love watching.


Here I list my all time favorite love stories that can be seen on Valentine’s Day.  You might only have time for 1 or two of them but they all  have a strong love message that might make you tear up.  I don’t list any classic movies from the past.  These are movies I started watching in high school and could watch them repeatedly in one day If I wanted to.  I’ll write about the movie and the message I got from it.  Spoiler alert if you haven’t seen some of these.


1. The Notebook

This was the first time I cried uncontrollably when a movie ended. The amount of love that Noah has for Ellie even through Alzheimer’s, is an example of what a spouse should do in the good times and the bad.  Noah and Ellie first meet as teenagers but her parents disapprove.  After being distanced for years they find each other once again and stay together ’till death do them apart’.  Noah stays and fights for his love with Ellie even when she doesn’t remember him in her struggle with dementia.

Message: You stay with your sweetheart in the good times and the bad.



2. The Vow

Talk about persistence to make a marriage work! Leo doesn’t give up on making his wife Paige fall in love with him all over again after she suffers a head trauma and doesn’t remember him as her husband.  Paige’s decision to stay with Leo is what a marriage is about.  You’re in it for life and you choose to love each other daily.

Message: You fight to make your relationship work when you really love each other.


3. A walk to remember

Aah! The love story that will take you back to your high school days. Two teenagers, Landon and Jamie who are complete opposites fall in love.  Landon is a boy without ambitions and no direction in life.  When he crosses Jamie’s path, things turn around and they fall in love.  She teaches him and helps him grow into having a positive life but it ends in a tragedy.  Tissues are definitely needed for this one on this Valentine’s day.

Message: Love helps us change and grow for the good.



4. P.s I love you

After Holly’s husband Kennedy dies, she is left with letters that he left behind for her to read when he was gone. Letters to help her get through life and through grief.  Throughout the movie it shows the pain of losing a loved one but it also teaches that every ending brings a new beginning. Again, grab the tissues!

Message: Love never ends.  Every ending brings a new beginning.


5. Up

Okay, I know this is a cartoon film but it is seriously the best love story I have seen.  Way better than all the princess stories.  Carl and Ellie are a married couple who dream of traveling to South America.  Many years later Ellie dies and Carl decides to carry on to live their dreams and travel to Paradise Falls and build his home there.  The story has parts that are touching such as them losing a baby and their struggle with infertility, their adventures together, and the dream to travel.  Though this movie mostly shows Carl all throughout, it demonstrates the intensity of his love for his wife.

Message:  Have dreams together and strive to reach them.  



6. Twilight Saga

Oh, yes! I had to include the whole Twilight Saga here even though many of you won’t agree! Don’t judge! Whether you’re a fan or not, this is a love story worth fighting vampires off for. Edward’s and Bella’s love for each other is intense and sometimes freakishly obsessive!  Edward is extremely sweet and has the most beautiful and romantic words for Bella every time.   He and his family fight off the ‘bad’ vampires to make their love work no matter what.   This one won’t make you cry unless you cry because you’re done watching all 5 movies and wanted more.

Lesson: True love is worth fighting for!


Okay so maybe a few of these end a bit tragic, especially to watch on Valentine’s Day! Guess I love to watch movies that make me keep a tissue box on my side.  But each one on this list is a movie with a strong message about love.  There were many more I like that didn’t include, such as Love and Basketball, Titanic, The Fault in Our Stars, 50 First Dates, and many more.  But the ones I mentioned spoke a bigger message to me.   As you and your sweetheart watch them, take some time to reflect on what each movie teaches you about love. And don’t forget the tissues!


Are any of these on your ‘favorite romantic movie’ list?  What’s your all time favorite movie to include?  Please share movies with me that you recommend.


If you want to watch the movies listed here, you can click on the image and it will take you to Amazon.  You can watch the movies via Instant Prime if you have it or you can purchase the movie.



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