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5 Simple Reasons to Exercise

Reasons to exercise
Written by Edith Rodriguez

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful I feel after every workout. Just 30 minutes can turn a negative day into a positive one as soon as I start the warm up.  There are so many simple reasons to exercise yet we forget how beneficial they are for us.


When we constantly follow a routine to work out, it’s easy to forget the benefits of exercise because we already feel good. It’s when we lose our routine for more than a week (sometimes months and years), and then get back to it that we notice how beneficial a sweat session is. It’s then we realize how crappy we felt from our lack of fitness.  Have you ever noticed how tired you are when you don’t work out?  It seems contradicting because you are adding more to your schedule, but it’s the complete opposite.  Exercise will boost your energy and improve your mood.


Because I hurt my ankle twice since the beginning of this year, my fitness routine has been broken a few times lasting more than a week. But every time I bring myself to workout I feel my life turned a complete 180°.  The number one benefit I experience is always a better mood! But that’s not it. In just one session I notice the following benefits of exercise that you will too:


Reasons to exercise


5 Simple Reasons to Exercise


1.  Exercise improves mood 

A work out will release feel-good chemicals that will help ease depression, stress, and anxiety.  I don’t know about you, but not only does my mood improve, but I also feel confident and strong when my body uses all its ability during a tough work out.  To know my body is capable of going past limits, puts me in a good mood.


2.  Exercise boosts energy

When endorphins are released as we start working out, they help us perform better.  One may think exercise will make us more tired and sleepy, but it doesn’t.  Exercise gives you the extra energy to complete every day tasks, especially when it’s done in the morning.


3.  Exercise helps you sleep better

Research has shown that those who exercise get better quality and longer sleep.  This is one of the greatest benefits for me because I’m a delicate sleeper.  Since restarting my fitness routing after a twisted ankle, I have gone back to sleeping 8 hours each night.  Let me tell you, it has felt amazing!


4. Exercise combats diseases and health conditions

Improving blood flow through exercise lowers blood pressure and strengthens your heart.  Exercise also helps improve bone density, improves endurance and flexibility, increases muscle strength, and controls insulin.  This is simply stated as exercise has proved to have a significant amount of benefits for our health.  This is by far the best reason to exercise, to have all around health.  And yes,  I can even feel this benefit after one session (and also the next point).


5.  Exercise controls weight 

Because you burn calories through exercise, weight can be maintained stable so long as calorie intake is not too high.  Weight-loss can also be achieved by creating a calorie deficit through consuming fewer calories and burning more through exercise and moving more.


Simple reasons to exercise right?  Who doesn’t want a better mood or a boost of energy?  Who doesn’t want to sleep better, control weight and disease?  We all do!  We all want to feel our best and be healthy.  I’m not the first nor last person to tell you the benefits of exercise.  You already know them!  So go out there and start receiving those benefits! You won’t regret it.


What’s the first benefit you notice when you exercise?  Are any of these points reasons why you exercise?  Please do share with me in the comment section. 🙂


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