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5 Reasons to Embrace Troubles

Reasons to Embrace Troubles
Written by Edith Rodriguez

Who would even think troubles are good right?!  It’s even harder to imagine someone would want to embrace troubles.


But as life has passed, I have come to the idea that going through rough times in life has been a wonderful learning experience.  Whether it be in the relationship area, health wise, spiritually, or any other area, problems have made me a stronger person who keeps growing in wisdom and knowledge.


Some troubles I walk out a champion, others I barely walk out of feeling torn and defeated.  But after every problem, I pay attention to the outcome and reflect on it.  Going through tough times gives me the strength, wisdom, and knowledge that I need.  Most times, the lessons I learn become beneficial for future plans or events that will happen.


Don’t get me wrong!  I don’t love having problems, but I do have a strong understanding about why they are important.  Each struggle will teach us lessons we need to learn to move on in life and to reach those dreams and goals we intend to achieve.  Each trouble is a stepping stone towards a better future and a story for us to share with others.


I have learned to embrace troubles that life throws my way.  When we learn to embrace them, we are able to live a joyful life knowing that ‘this too shall pass.’  By embracing problems, we learn to look at the bright side and see that many positive things will come from each struggle we face.  It’s definitely not easy to be positive about the troubles we face because sometimes we may feel completely broken and defeated, but it is well worth it to try to be a tad bit positive as we go through them.




Reasons to Embrace Troubles


Reasons to Embrace Troubles

So why should we embrace the troubles we face in life?  Why is it good we go through these problems that sometimes become obstacles in life?


1. Troubles give us hope

If life were always rainbows and sunshine, we wouldn’t know what it’s like to be grateful.  It’s going through the struggle and coming out, that teaches us.  This helps us have hope the next time we are in the middle of another problem.  We have hope that tomorrow will be a better day.  We also learn that troubles are temporary and we learn to have faith that a better future awaits us.  Having hope is important!  It helps us stay focused and to press on because we are in a physical world with millions of people and events that are bound to make us feel hurt.  Hope will help us get through life knowing that life goes on and reminds us there are still rainbows and sunshine we can can enjoy.


2. Troubles make us wiser

Take a moment to look back at your life.  Notice how you are no longer the same person you were yesterday.  Notice how some of those things happened from your mistakes and others happened because of people who hurt you.  After going through those problems, we come out learning to be wiser about the choices we make, the people we surrounds ourselves with, and the attitude we face life with.  The troubles we go through help us be smarter about present and future decisions because we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes.


3. Troubles teach us lessons

Just like troubles help us gain wisdom, it happens because of the lessons we learned.  Each problem we face will teach us something new.  Many of the difficulties I have gone through have taught me to be patient in different areas of life.  I have also learned to have faith, to become fearless in certain areas, and to be more loving towards others.  The difficulties we  go through will also make us more compassionate towards others because we gain an understanding of what it means to have trouble.  Many lessons are learned if we take the time to reflect on the importance of the problems we are facing.  Take time to understand and embrace the problems you are going through, and figure out what you can learn and how you can deal with it.


4. Troubles make us mentally stronger

The struggles we face are sometimes the driving force to getting back up and trying again.  Sometimes troubles will push us to try harder, to overcome, and to strive towards a better future.  The lessons we learned are our inspiration towards life.  We learn to overcome obstacles and we learn how to deal with the emotional stress of future problems.  Each time, we become stronger and we learn to have joy even when the world seems to be falling apart.


5. Troubles help us rely on faith

The problems we face sometimes make us feel lost and lonely.  This is what pushes us to rely on and seek spiritual answers.  This connection helps us feel better and gives us the hope we need when going through troubles.  Faith helps us feel joy in the midst of the storm because we know everything is temporary and will be just fine.  Troubles teach us to hand it over to God, hang on to faith, and to let go of anxiety and fear.



It’s amazing what we can learn from the troubles we face in life.  If we only open up our hearts to see and understand that only good will come out from our struggles, our vision will become a positive one.  Choose to reflect on what you’re going through now, and ask yourself, “How can I embrace it?”  “What can I learn from this?”  “How can I use what I’m going through to help others?”  When we do this, we will experience joy even as we go through a storm.


What have you learned from troubles you have faced in life?  Did it take a long time to realize you learned a lesson?  What struggles have you faced that have been used to help others?

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Edith Rodriguez

Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.

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