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5 Benefits of Weight Training

weight training
Written by Edith Rodriguez

weight training



When I started this blog, my plan was to write about being healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.  The topic of being physically healthy was one I shied away from because I wasn’t very physically active in my life for a few months, and I felt it wasn’t my place to write about something I wasn’t doing.


Since this year started, I have maintained an active lifestyle.  Being active has always been something I loved growing up.  It has helped me feel healthier and more positive.  Now that I’m back in the game, I have had such positive results as I knew I would.  Just like I share stories that I hope are inspirational, I am now ready to start sharing how I stay physically healthy and how I also use nutrition for health.


Today, I want to share with you just 5 benefits of weight training. 


A lot of women prefer not to do weight training because they worry about getting bulky.  Fear not!  In order to have those HUGE muscles we see on women who are bulky, it has to be on purpose by taking extra protein and supplements.  Doing regular weight training will NOT get you huge.  On the contrary, it will help you look lean, toned, and fit.



Benefits of Weight Training

1. Improve bone density:

When working out and losing weight, you also lose bone density.  This in turn makes you more prone to injuries.  Weight training will help do the opposite.  It will help maintain bone density as well as build muscle around it for protection.


2. Improves your mood:

Any exercise will release endorphins that will help you feel good.  Weight training isn’t an exception.  After a workout you will feel better about yourself and your image, leading to better self-esteem.  This in turn will improve your mood and reduce stress.


3. Builds muscles and burns fat

Weight training will help you build muscle and increase strength.  The best part is that building muscle will help you burn more calories because it takes the body more energy to maintain muscle than to maintain fat, therefore leading to more calorie burning.  It increases your metabolism and your body turns into a fat burning machine long after you are done with a work out.


4. Helps with health conditions

Weight training helps with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, metabolic syndromes and more.  Because weight training helps with getting lean, tone and fit, many health conditions are reversed or controlled leading to a healthier self.  This is the main reason I choose to strength train, overall health.


5. Prevent back pain

Recently I heard my Body Combat instructor say that lack of core strength is the main contributor to back problems so I did my homework to read about it.  When we weight train, we increase flexibility and strengthen our lower back muscles all while preventing future back pain.  On top of that, when we have core strength, we are less likely to fall and get fractured because we gain balance and stability.


I started doing weight training by taking Body Combat classes at my gym.  It’s a total body workout focused on muscle endurance and repetition.  It targets weight  lifting and strengthening different muscle groups.  I absolutely love it because I have already seen the difference in my muscles.


weight training


I already feel stronger, fit, and toned.  Do any of you weight lift?  What positive results have you seen that could be added to this list?  Or share with me your favorite muscle  group you like to work on.  I like strengthening and building muscles on my legs most of all, but recently I have really like the results I am seeing in my arms!   What’s your favorite?


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