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4 Simple Health Practices We All Need To Make

simple health practices
Written by Edith Rodriguez

There are many things that lead towards living a healthy life and it can be overwhelming trying to do all of them.  We read articles that tell us to check our caffeine intake while some advice us to relax more, get more sunshine, avoid trans fats, and the list goes on and on.


While it would be great to practice everything that makes us healthy, we sometimes lack the time or the knowledge of which practices to follow.  Then some things, we simply don’t want to follow.


While we all have a choice of what health practices we want to carry out in our lives and which not, there are four fundamental practices that I believe will eventually lead to a healthier us.  These simple health practices help improve the quality of our health.  They are:


4 Simple Health Practices

Drink Water

The human body needs water and food to survive, but it needs water more than it does food.  With our body being 60% water, it is important that we replenish constantly.   Our body needs water because it helps circulate body fluids so we don’t become dehydrated.  Besides this, our skin looks dry and wrinkled when it hasn’t been hydrated so please pass me a cup of water!


It doesn’t stop there.  Drinking water controls our body temperature, transports nutrients, and is needed for our brain, kidneys and for bowel movements.    I can say I am guilty of not drinking enough water sometimes.  But with water being so important for our bodily function, I’ve been trying to stay hydrated and so should you!  Oh, and did I mention water helps lose weight?  Yup, grab another cup!


Sleep More

I don’t know about you but if I don’t get enough sleep I wake up cranky and moody!  It makes sense given that sleep helps improve our mood, concentration, and memory.   If we want to start our day with a well-functioning brain, we need to sleep more.  Besides, our immune system becomes weak when we haven’t slept making us more prone to illness, disease, and infections.  So I suggest we start sleeping more so we can function with better health!

simple health practices



Eat healthy and in moderation

This is where many rules about health can stress us out, but eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult.  There are many healthy options people make such as eating Paleo or becoming vegetarian.  Some leave sugar or eat only organic.  I can’t tell you which way is best because each person eats according to the needs of their body.


But if there is something about healthy that I can say is a good practice, it’s eating in moderation.   Moderation is key when it comes to balancing our daily needed calories.  Eating in moderation helps with maintaining a healthy body weight and prevents us from becoming over-weight or obese.


Eating healthy also provides the nutrients we need each day and the best ones come from fruits and vegetables, so eat up and make your plate a lot more colorful.

simple health practices


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Get Moving

Exercise helps us maintain a healthy body weight, helps us build muscle, build strength, and have healthy bones.  Not only that but exercise is beneficial for our heart health, insulin regulation, and even our mental health.  It’s no wonder that people who exercise seem much healthier physically.  They are receiving the many benefits of a work out.  There is an endless list of benefits from exercising that could be listed here but I’d never finish writing them.  I just know that moving more always makes me feel much better.


How about you?  Do you follow these simple health practices?

I can tell you I’m guilty of not drinking enough water but I’m working on that!   Which do you need to do more often?

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Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.

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