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30 Before 30

Written by Edith Rodriguez

I’ve seen some of these 30 before 30 lists and I thought, why not start my own?  Every new year, I always want to write a list of New Year’s resolutions and I never get around to it.  I try to keep a “mental” list of my goals and end up not completing them.


When I was in high school and college, I used to write to-do lists and goals of what I wanted to accomplish.  I loved the feeling of checking things off.  I felt so much more organized and had more control of my day.   It also motivated me, and at the end of the day I felt way more productive.


I don’t know when I stopped writing lists and goals, but I’ve had many things I’ve wanted to do in my life that I haven’t done.  I feel part of the reason is that I haven’t set a date of accomplishment.   I constantly tell myself “someday.”


I think starting a 30 before 30 bucket list will help me check off some of those things I want to do.  As of now I have a year and three months.  I know I have to be realistic and know that because of circumstances that may come up (like getting pregnant), I might not complete some of these.  In that case, I will push them back and add them to my official bucket list I want to start.  Here’s what I will try to do in the following 15 months. I’m ready to have some fun!


30 before 30

1. Travel to Israel

2. Get baptized in the Jordan River when I travel to Israel

3. Remove wisdom teeth (I’ve held back on this!)

4. Paddleboard with my husband

5. Become very organized

6. Skydive (this is one that I’m deeply afraid of doing and am still considering it)

7. Learn to play guitar or at least try

8. Do a Daniel Fast for a second time

9. Run a marathon or maybe another half marathon

10. Water ski

11. Take up yoga

12. Reach my goal weight

13. Limit my carb and sugar intake (to control pcos)

14. Start a memory jar for the new year

15. Volunteer my time somewhere

16. Pay it forward (as much as I can)

17. Read 2 books a month (hope I can do this!)

18. Become a mom

19. Do 7 pull-ups in a row/20 push-ups in a row

20. Get physically fit and toned

21. Help improve someone’s life or inspire someone

22. Learn to sing (one can dream right!?)

23. Read the entire Bible

24.  During Christmas time, hand out 20-40 shoes or blankets to homeless people

25. Pray for someone random every day

26. Surprise my husband with something extra special ( I already have something in mind but don’t want him to read it here)

27. Keep traveling

28. Have professional photo session with hubby (haven’t had one since  our wedding)

29.  Live in a different state other than Arizona (I’ve always wanted to do this and it’s now happening)

30. Celebrate my 30th in a big way (maybe travel!?)



-start an official 100+ bucket list


Do you have a bucket list?  What are some of your goals?



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Edith Rodriguez

Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.


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