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28 Amazing Benefits of Coconut Oil

amazing benefits of coconut oil 2
Written by Edith Rodriguez

For months I’ve heard about this new popular use of coconut oil and have wanted to jump on the bandwagon.  Not because of its popularity, but because of the health benefits it provides.  After reading the hundreds of ways it can be used, I have come to my own conclusion that coconut oil is the best super food in existence.


Coconut oil is not only used in cooking and eating, but also for skin care and beauty, hair care, uses around the home, for animal care, home remedies, for health benefits, and hundreds of other ways that I would’ve never imagined.


Here I leave you with just a few ways that coconut oil can be used and it’s benefits.  After this list, I was inspired to go try some of these uses.  Let me know if any of these uses have worked for you or if you try any!

amazing benefits of coconut oil

Benefits of Coconut Oil:

Home Remedies:

Balance Hormones:

The healthy fat in coconut oil helps balance hormones by lowering cortisol.

Heart Health:

The healthy fats found in coconut oil helps support health by raising HDL cholesterol and lowering LDL cholesterol.  This in turns helps have healthy cholesterol levels.


A daily tablespoon supports brain health that helps prevent Alzheimer’s.

Healing Skin:

Coconut oil can be used as cream for dry and flaking skin.

Blood Sugar Stabilizer: 

Coconut oil helps balance sugar levels and improve diabetes.

Cough and Sore Throat:

Coconut oil provides a soothing coating.  1/2 -1 tsp up to 3 times a day will help ease pain.  It will also help ease itchy irritation of a dry cough.

amazing benefits of coconut oil


Skin Care, Beauty, Hair Care

Makeup Remover:

Coconut oil naturally hydrates skin, improves elasticity and removes oil-based makeup

Hydrating Cream:

Not only does coconut oil contain vitamin E for healing, it’s also a natural SPF, protects against free radicals, and is anti-aging

Teeth Whitener:

Coconut oil has lauric acid which kills bacteria that causes plaque and yellowing

Reduces frizz and split ends:

Coconut oil conditions hair by binding to natural proteins.  It reduces fly aways and penetrates hair shaft to improve elasticity.  It also gets rid of dandruff and helps in re-growth.  You can use it as a conditioner.

Reduces Acne:

Anti-microbial properties in coconut oil help shrink pimples on the spot.  The lauric and capric acid kills acne causing bacteria and vitamins k & e prevent scarring and skin damage

Nail and Cuticle Treatment:

Coconut oil can be rubbed into cuticles to help smooth out flaws and encourage nail growth.

Eyelash Enhancement:

The proteins in coconut oil can help encourage growth and seal in moisture which prevents brittleness and breakage.


Coconut oil, like store-bought deodorants, helps eliminate odor causing bacteria that accumulates throughout the day.


amazing benefits of coconut oil

Other Health Uses:

Stress Relief:

Because coconut oil’s natural aroma is very soothing, it can be use to release mental fatigue by rubbing into head and massaging.

Weight Loss:

The fatty acids in coconut oil destroy candida overgrowth which triggers weigh gain, carbohydrate cravings, and fatigue.  Coconut oil is easily digested and converted into energy, which helps speed up metabolism & helps burn stored fat.


Lauric acid in coconut oil helps destroy bacterial and viral infections like influenza and hepatitis C.


amazing benefits of coconut oil

Animal Care:

Reduce smell

Coconut oil helps improve or eliminate bad breath.

Health benefits:

Coconut oil can be used for pets to boost energy, reduce or eliminate warts and fungal infections, helps balance thyroid, weight and body odor, along with many more uses.


Home Uses:

Polish Wood:

Coconut oil sinks into the wood and keeps wood looking ‘healthy’ longer along with giving it a natural look.

Leather Polish:

With a soft cloth, you can rub in a small amount of coconut oil to give leather a nice shine.

Remove Chewing Gum:

By allowing the oil to sit 2-5 minutes where the gum is placed, coconut oil will help it easily slide off.



amazing benefits of coconut oil

In The Kitchen

On toast:

You can replace butter with coconut oil.

Popcorn Topping:

Melt and drizzle coconut oil over your popcorn instead of butter.

Grease Baking Pans:

Lightly greasing pans will avoid baked goods from sticking or crumbling.

Coffee Creamer: 

Coconut oil can be used in replacement of creamers.  It will give it a slightly sweet taste.

In Smoothies:

Add a bit of coconut oil into your favorite smoothie recipe for increased energy.

Cooking at High Heat:

Coconut oil can be used to cook with at high temperatures, unlike other oils which become unsafe at high temperatures.


amazing benefits of coconut oil

So there you have it!  A small list of some of the most common uses of coconut oil.  There are hundreds of more ways to use coconut oil that I didn’t mention here.  


Have you ever used coconut oil?  How do you use coconut oil?  


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