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23 Ways to Save Money

ways to save money
Written by Edith Rodriguez

Saving money isn’t easy. But when there is a long-term goal ahead such as travel plans, business goals, or large purchases, we find ourselves in need to find ways to save money.


Over time I have found budgeting and organization of my finances an important factor towards saving. Many changes have been made but they have given me financial freedom in some areas. Other changes I’m still looking to try because it works so well for others and it might work well for me.  Overall, my goal is to spend less on daily things so that I can use those savings towards those things I really love such as traveling.



Here are some ideas that my husband and I have practiced and a few we still need to try.  May some of these be tips you can carry out in your own home!


1. Stop renting or owning things you can’t afford. Make sure what you’re paying is not over the cost of living you earn.  If you can’t pay it easily, don’t buy it or rent it.  Instead, save, save, save!

2. Subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime instead of pricey cable.

3. Take advantage of Costco gas or reward points at Fry’s or similar stores.

4. Buy in bulk at Costco, Sam’s Club or similar store. But make sure they are items you constantly use.  You can also purchase tickets to places such as theater, park entrances, etc.

5. Coupon. I have yet to try this but I know many people save lots of money this way.

6. Discount codes, promotions, coupons. Look them up before going to stores and save $5, $10, 20%, even 50% or more.

7. Order appetizers or from the kids menu sometimes instead of a big meal at restaurants. This is also a good option if you’re watching your diet.

8. Or…Invite friends over to your home for dinner instead of going to a restaurant. They can even bring their own dish.

9. Wait for movies to come out on Redbox or go to a discount theater. After husband and I paid $25 for tickets, we decided we’d be more picky with movies we went out to see and wait for the ones we weren’t so desperate to see.

10. Explore free places (museums, parks) in your city. There’s so much to do. You just have to look and do a google search.

11. Explore free events in your city.

12. Have a picnic at the park instead of eating out.

13. When traveling by road pack lunches and snacks to go.

14. Shop online deals, clearance items, out of season items at regular stores and online. And look for coupon codes and discounts before purchasing.

15. Shop Amazon, Groupon, Living Social, Ebay, etc. This is my new way to save and I love it!

16. Sign up for store emails and text alerts to receive coupons and discount notices. One time I bought $49 flights because I came a cross an amazing promotion directly to my email.

17. Drink water instead of sugary drinks. Besides, you avoid all the calories.

18. Buy seasoned produce. Much cheaper than produce that is not in season.

19. Lower your bills.  Disconnect electrical items not in use. Like that printer or t.v that’s rarely used.  Shorter showers, wear clothes that keeps you fresh and use the air conditioning less, plan your trips to the store and save on gas, etc,.  You get the idea!

20. Grow your own vegetable garden. If the climate permits.

21. Buy things early (tickets, flights, promotions). My flights to Cancun came out double what I had seen them 4 months earlier, but I waited and it came out more expensive. Lesson learned.

22. Do your own manicure and other beauty regimens. Enjoy these luxuries when you really can.

23. Buy season passes to places you go to often. This will save you a lot of money!


Your turn to share!


How do you find ways to save money?


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