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10 Things Not Worth Your Time

things not worth your time
Written by Edith Rodriguez

This past week there were a few things I did that came to mind as ‘not being worth my time‘ right after I did them.  These are things that we do in life that we sometimes end up regretting because we know they aren’t adding value to our life.  So, I took the time to think about some of those things that I don’t waste my time on anymore and some that I still need to practice more often.


These are 10 thing you can stop wasting time on because they are not worth your time.  It’s still a new year.  Let’s make it a goal to live life full of joy and skip doing these negative things starting now….


1. Worrying about everything

We have little control over our future and what will happen, so there’s no point in worrying about it.  Besides, it’s not living life if all you can think about is what could go wrong.  Instead, focus your energy on living the best moment of your life and increase your faith by trusting that everything will be just fine!

worry  not worth your time



2. People who disrespect you

One of the best choices we make in life is to remove ourselves from toxic friendships and relationships.   Why be around people who only bring you down and make you feel bad about yourself?  Life is better when we surround ourselves with people who lift us up and inspire us.  People who respect who we are and are positive towards us and life are the keepers in our lives.


3. Eating unhealthy…..plus feeling bad about it

Staying healthy is more valuable than that donut you want to eat.  The result when we do?  We feel bad for the amount of food we ate all while regretting all the work we have put in towards staying healthy.  On top of that, we end up feeling bad about it and wish we can turn back time.  Instead, remember that keeping your trim line healthy is more important than the unhealthy craving.  Also, remember moderation is key and eating a piece of that favorite chocolate is okay.  Sometimes we need a little sugar in our lives!


3. Not working out when we want to

It’s like the saying, “The only workout you regret is the one you didn’t do.”  How true is this!?  I don’t remember ever regretting a workout I forced myself to do.  In fact, gearing up my will power only led to me coming back home feeling way better about myself.  Going when you don’t feel like it is more worth it than sitting on the couch debating for a whole hour if you should or not, only to regret staying home.


exercise worth it



4. Getting into unnecessary arguments

Aahhh!  One of the hardest to avoid, especially if you are married.  So many arguments are over silly things that make no sense.  Focus instead on finding a solution and ending the argument asap!  Or, sometimes it’s just best to keep our mouths quiet and not take part in unnecessary arguments with people.  Besides, you don’t want to risk hurting others and then regretting.  Definetly not worth your time to argue.


5. Fear of different things

Whether it be fear of change or fear of failure, it is not worth your time.  Fear holds us back from many dreams and opportunities in our lives.  When we choose to freeze and stay within our comfort zone, we put limits over our life and we stop growing.  Instead, feel the fear and embrace it.  Learn to do things even when you are fearful and slowly but surely you will learn to overcome those fears more easily.  And you fear of failure, don’t stress!  Sometimes our greatest accomplishments come after we faced our greatest failures.  Use those lessons to learn and grow from.


5. Gossiping about others

Oh, but what are we going to talk about if we don’t talk about people?   There’s many things better than talking about how so and so dressed so poorly or you know, the negative talk.  Life is better lived when we focus on speaking positively about people.  Talk about how amazing their success is and be happy for them.  Or talk about other things such as your dreams, goals, plans, your work, family, kids, and church.  Whatever you want to talk about that reflects joy.


gossip not worth your time




6. Comparing yourself to others

How tall you are, what color skin you have, or how cute your big cheeks are is what makes you- YOU.  Embrace your looks and know there is no one out there who looks just like you.  That’s how special you are.  You’re unique!  Also, who cares what others are accomplishing in life.  You are on your own journey and success might be coming at a different pace for you.  Be patient.  Breathe.  And live life enjoying every moment-that’s true happiness.


7. Overspending on the unnecessary

Wait, but those shoes were necessary!  They match my outfit perfectly.  Are they really that necessary? If you have the money and you don’t risk struggling financially, then by all means indulge in all the things you want.  But if you are on a budget and have other bills that need to paid first before purchasing those shoes or even a fancy dinner, skip it.  Falling into debt is not worth the stress and struggle to catch up again.  Opt for being financially responsible and treat yourself to those things you wish for when it’s possible.

overspending not worth your time



8. Obsessing over weight

Stop stepping on that scale everyday and then feeling bad about it.  Instead, live a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy and working out.  Slowly but surely you will lose or gain the weight you need too.  Focus on checking in on yourself once a week only and don’t get discouraged by the results.  Keep going!


9. Caring what other people think about you

How many times do we hold back from something because we wonder what people will think?!  Stop caring what opinion others may have about your life choices and just do them.  It’s your life to live and caring what others think will only hold you back from living your dreams.  Just stop caring!  It’s not worth your time.


10. Living in the past

And the worst of them all is living life depressed about the past, regretting your mistakes, and holding on to resentment towards people who hurt you.  Living like this will only hinder your happiness.  True joy is not experienced until we learn to let go of what already passed.  Choose instead to forgive yourself for your mistakes, forgive the people who hurt you, and stop wishing you could turn back time and change it. Take all of it as a lesson and use it as driving force to live a better life.  Overcome those things that hurt you and then you will experience true joy.


living in the past not worth it



Which of these do you struggle with that you need to stop wasting your time with?  Is there something that could be added to this list that is not worth your time or mine?  Your input is welcome 🙂

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Edith Rodriguez

Edith Rodriguez is a wife, teacher, adventurer, and the blogger at Unblemished. On her blog she writes lifestyle posts on living a healthy and joyful life. Her hope is to inspire and motivate you to live a life in wellness.


  • These are all so, so true! I’ve been trying to learn to stop stressing over things that I can’t change, and I’ve stopped giving a crap about what people think of me/people who disrespect me. (One of my best decisions ever!) What someone says to me only has value if I actually respect and care about that person too, and people who judge and/or disrespect me definitely don’t fall into that category!

    • So good you stopped caring what people think or when they disrespect, it truly isn’t worth it. And it is so true that those we care about in the end, are the only ones that matter. Thanks for taking time to read the post and blog. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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